Wonderful Health Benefits of Curry Powder that We Don’t Know

Asian people is really love to eat curry especially people in South Asia and Southeast Asia, evidently eating curry has more benefits and the review of health benefits of curry powder will be share in here. Curry powder has many benefits for our health and it is very good. When we want to eat curry we will find some benefits that can make our body well and healthy. But we have still control the calories and also cholesterol when we are eating curry especially lamb curry. As we know, lamb can influence our blood pressure when we eat too much lamb.
Wonderful Health Benefits of Curry Powder like Prevent Alzheimer and Protect our Bones

Health Benefits of Curry Powder

In here we do not talk about lamb curry but we will talk about curry powder and evidently it has more benefits for our health. Asian people have been used curry powder for a long time ago to make their curry meals feels so tasty. It contains many spices and it is very good to make our body keep warm in the winter. Well, there are some health benefits of curry powder that you can get. Before we share it let’s check curry powder spice first. Curry powder made by typical spice blending.

The spice like turmeric, black pepper, dried red chilies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, mustard seeds, cloves, bay leaves and peppercorns. They are material of curry powder and some of them have benefits for our health. So, here they are;

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Prevent Alzheimer
Curry powder is a wonderful spice in the world because it has some benefits. Some of them are to prevent Alzheimer. How come? Curry powder contains cumin seeds which is good for our brain. Cumin seeds have vitamin D3 and also amino acid to make our brain keep healthy. So, curry powder is very good to prevent Alzheimer.

Less risk of cancer
One of benefits of curry powder is less risk of cancer. It caused by tomato on curry powder because of tomato has lycopene. The antioxidant on tomato can lower risk of prostate cancer, lung, stomach, bowel, pancreas and also breast cancer.

Reduce blood pressure
It is also wonderful when curry powder can reduce blood pressure. Coriander seeds on curry powder have powerful antioxidant to help lower high blood pressure. It is not only that, coriander can also prevent cancer causing by free radical.

Boosted immune system
Curry powder contains many spices like paprika and chili. Spices are good to make our body fit because it can produce extra mucus that traps viruses. It is not only that, spices can also help our body to recover from suffer.

Reduce pain and improved circulation
Curry powder contains an antioxidant to improve our circulation. The antioxidant on curry powder like ginger is very good to reacts free radical cause by tissue damage and join inflammation and helps to reduce pain of arthritis. Well, chili on curry powder also good for painkiller.

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Protecting our bones
We don’t know if curry powder is also good to protect our bones. How come? Curry powder has turmeric that ward off osteoporosis. So, eating beef, pork or lamb curry is very good for our bones.

Preventing food poisoning
Curry powder contains coriander which is also good to destroy food borne bacteria. Coriander is effectively to kill several strains of bacteria like E coli.

In this article review we have shared the benefits of curry powder. You can see the benefits are very good for our body. When you want to eat beef curry, lamb or pork curry of course it is very good as long as not too much. Maybe the health benefits of curry powder can inspire you to stay healthy.

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