Why Does Green Tea Make You Lose Weight?

Why does green tea make you lose weight, this is the most common questions that are frequently asked for those of you who want to try to consume green tea as a weight loss supplement. Indeed green tea cannot lose weight drastically, but of course, can reduce your weight. There is currently some debate among experts and the public.

Most of them were found green tea cannot be used as a weight loss. Some say that green tea can be used to lose weight. This is certainly your belief respectively. Even if proven green tea cannot lose weight then at least you can get the other benefits of consuming green tea. The benefits of consuming green tea is reduce risk of cancer, alzheimer, diabetes, hypertensi, obesity and others disease.

Green Tea Make You Lose Weight

The tips about why does green tea make you lose weight

  1. Drink as much as 3-5 cups of green tea per day so as to burn the maximum calories. This burned fat usually reaches 50-100 caloriesper day.
  2. Drink when warm or hot tea. It can help you burn fat fast.
  3. To lose weight, you can drink hot tea without sugar.
  4. If you find it too bitter,you can add low-fat milk or you can also add honey or other fruit juice.
  5. Balance as well as exercise and a healthy diet and nutritious.
  6. Do not be too farin taking it. You can consult before doing the treatment.
  7. Usually green tea consumed before dinner hour or hour meal.

The explanation about why does green tea make you lose weight

Green tea make you lose weights, this is because green tea contains high antioxidant for our body. Much higher than the tea in general will be very different even in other teas. You can drink green tea when your stomach is empty so it can help you lose weight better.Powerful antioxidants are proven to burn fat attached to the intestinal wall. If an ordinary tea can only burn about 50 calories then green teacan burn three times more than regular tea, about 150 calories.

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For maximum results, you can exercise and diet. You can also add green tea into various foods and beverages. Green tea has many functions and benefits. The benefit is that you can be fat burner during exercise, organize people who have excess weight. After that, you can get also block fat in the body. Lastly, is as a regulator of blood sugar. You can regulate blood sugar in the body. That’s the explanation about why does green tea make you lose weight.

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