What is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss?

What is green tea good for weight loss? This question is often asked by people who want to lose weight. Green tea has a lot of benefits to be consumed for our health. Now, before you think more about green tea. You can see the benefits of green tea following:

1. Reduce the occurrence of cancer
Do you believe if green tea can reduce cancer? Green tea has been shown to reduce cancer cells in our body. This is because green tea contains vitamin E, which helps reduce cancer cells.

2. Preventing skin disease
It is the same as reducing the cancer cells was due to a skin disease associated with vitamin E. That means if you consume green tea you can avoid skin diseases.

3. Preventing diabetes
You can neutralize your blood sugar.It’s better, if you consume green tea without sugar at all.

4. Preventing Alzheimer’s disease
Researchers say that green tea can reduce the triggers of alzheimer disease. Try drinking green tea before you start your activities.
5. Prevent Hypertension
One of the other benefits of green tea is to prevent hypertension. Green tea can soothe the nerves and blood pressure.

How to Make Green Tea for Weight Loss

Is it true – what is green tea good for weight loss

Is it true, what is green tea good for weight loss? Well we will reveal the fact whether green tea can lose weight. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that can burn fat. However, experts say that the antioxidants in green tea are not strong enough to burn fat in the body. Researchers also say that green tea also cannot have a significant effect if consumed every day. However, you do not immediately disappointed and leave of green tea. Green tea has many other benefits to our body. You can also compensate for green tea with exercise and diet.

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The tips for what is green tea good for weight loss

Well, you can enjoy tea and turn them into your daily habits. You will a lot of benefits if you consume what is green tea good for weight loss. Here are tips to enjoy what is green tea good for weight loss:

1. Replace the habit of drinking coffee with green tea
2. Make it a routine to drink green tea every morning / afternoon.
3. If you are hungry at night, drink a cup of hot tea
4. Keep a supply of tea that many
5. If you get bored with hot tea, you can make iced tea without sugar
6. Invite your friends to consume green tea

Well, that tips to create a new habit by drinking green tea.

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