Health Benefits of Dates as Great Ways to Be Healthy

The Wonders Behind The Health Benefits of Dates. Are you lovers of a date, then you should know what are benefits of dates. Dates are a fruit that comes from the Middle East and became famous during the month of Ramadhan arrives for Muslims in the world. Date trees which has the Latin name Phonix dactylifera can grow well in sandy soil and the palm is need good aeration and drainage. Date  trees can grow only at temperatures 900F (32.30C) and not frequent rain. Although the form of a date is very small, but that small fruit has many nutrients that are beneficial to health.

The good and recommended foods for health are vegetables and fruits. Those foods are the best food because they have many substances such antioxidant which can ease the bad substance on your body. Consuming fruits and vegetables is recommended for keeping healthy body. One fruit which many people like to consume it is dates. Dates are the sweet fruits which are good for health. Health benefits of dates can be got when you consume it. By having the sweet taste, it is suitable for your companion when you are reading novels or books. Furthermore, you should know great benefits of dates for your health.

10 health benefits of dates for your body

  1. Maintaining healthy bones, teeth and Intestinal Disorders

Health Benefits of DatesDate fruit is believed to strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis early, and strengthen the teeth. Date fruit has many nutrients such as mineral, selenium, manganese, magnesium, and copper that makes bones and teeth sturdy. Date fruit is very good for consumption by all ages, because it is very good for the health of their bones and teeth.

Since dates consist of high amounts of minerals it is good for your bone health. Moreover, dates also contain copper, selenium, magnesium, and manganese which helping in strengthening bones and it can heal debilitating disease. Consuming dates in regular time will prevent osteoporosis. Dates are recommended for aged people, adult, and children for developing the bone health.

On the other hand, the health benefit of dates it can help in solving and healing intestinal disorders. Dates contain nicotine which is good for curing intestinal disorders. Consuming dates will prevent the growth of wicked and pathological organism. By having insoluble and soluble fibers, dates help the growth of good bacteria for intestines. Thus, eating dates will solve your intestinal disorders.

  1. Prevent allergy symptoms
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Date palm fruit may reduce allergic reactions that are often experienced by many people. Because a date contains organic sulfur that can provide a positive impact to human health.

  1. Accelerate the process of blood clotting

Date palm fruit can be helpful in the process of blood clotting. Because the date have many contents of vitamin such as vitamin K and B-complex. Those vitamins will help your body to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

  1. Good for the nerves and the brain

By consuming them, you will get the health benefits of dates because it will increase your brain activity and you can think quickly. It also keeps you awake and stay focused in facing a problem. Because that date contains potassium which improves the nervous system more responsive and healthy.

Dates contain high vitamins, minerals, and other useful substances for health. Dates contain vitamin B6 which is needed to improve brain health. By consuming dates in the regular time, you can improve your memory.

  1. Prevent Anemia

Date palm fruit contains iron as much as 0.9 milligrams or 100 grams per fruit, so the iron becomes a good component of hemoglobin in your red blood cells and also determining the oxygen capacity of the blood vessels. So you will avoid anemia if you consume the dates.

Containing high minerals and high iron of dates can help anemia patients for healing the anemia disease. People who have anemia on their body are lack of iron. By consuming dates in regular time, iron on the body will increase and it can medicate the anemia disease. Eating dates can increase energy and strength and it can ease feelings of sluggishness and fatigue. On the other hand, for amazing health benefits of dates, dates can help to medicate allergies. Dates contain the organic sulfur which is needed for healing and reducing allergic reactions. Organic sulfur is rarely found in food, but dates produce the organic sulfur which is good for health.

  1. Preventing a stroke

Dates can eliminate most of the bad cholesterol that can lead to stroke. It is recommended for you to consume dates. Because you will avoid stroke disease if you know the health benefits of dates.

  1. Preventing coronary heart disease

If you consume a date, you will reduce the chances of coronary heart disease. Potassium contained in dates is very important for your component of cells. Your heart rate and blood pressure would be controlled by body fluids very well.

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Consuming dates frequently will improve your healthy heart because dates contain high potassium which is good for your heart. If you have the weak heart, it is better and recommended to you to consume dates. You can eat dates by using water. You can soak dates with water in the night, and you drink the soaked dates in the morning. Getting health benefits of dates by consuming dates in the regular time is good for your health. By consuming it, your body will be far from chronic diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

  1. To smoother defecation and prevent constipation

Dates can be useful to smooth defecation and prevent constipation. Because the content in dates is also useful for prevent urinary stone disease and prostate.

Dates contain the high soluble fiber which is used to help a digestive process. For you who have constipation, it is better for you to consume dates every day. You can make dates as syrup by soaking dates with water over a night, and you can drink the soaked dates in the morning. Furthermore, dates are acquainted with a laxative food. As a laxative food, dates are consumed by many people who are suffering from constipation. You can get the laxative food maximally by drinking the soaked dates. Healing constipation is one date benefit for health.

  1. Maintaining eye health

Date fruit has a lot of content of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a vitamin that maintaining eye health because it contains anti-oxidants. Vitamin A can also maintain moisture and strengthens eyesight.

  1. Energy Booster and Nervous System Health

Dates have many nutrients such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Dates can be a light meal, especially when you’re feeling flagging.

Natural sugars are needed to produce the high energy for your body. Dates contain natural sugar such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose. Those natural sugars will give the high energy for your body. Consuming dates will boost your energy and you will have more spirits on your body. To get the high energy, you can consume dates in the morning. For Muslims, dates are recommended to be consumed when they are fasting because eating dates will create high energy so that they will not feel sluggish or lethargic when they are fasting. Furthermore, consuming dates will improve nervous system health. Potassium is the good substance for increasing nervous system health.

  1. Reduced Blood Pressure and Anti-Inflammatory
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Several benefits of dates for health that have been mentioned above are not the end of benefits of dates for your health. Others benefits of dates are they can reduce blood pressure and they can be used as anti-inflammatory. For people, who have high blood pressure, it is good for you to consume dates. You can eat dates in the natural way or in the soaked dates. You can also eat dates with combining with other foods such as yogurt, honey, and milk. On the other hand, anti-inflammatory is also a benefit of dates. Dates can medicate inflammation such as throat inflammation.

  1. Night Blindness and Intoxication

Health benefits of dates are various and they can be used for several conditions. Yet, you should know the benefits for consuming dates. Reducing night blindness is one benefit of dates. This is the alternative medicine for healing night blindness which attacks you. By consuming the dates your eyes will be fine. On the other hand, dates also can be a medicine for intoxication. Dates can be used for alcoholic intoxication remedy. Consuming dates will make fast healing from intoxication. Dates can be used for preventing severe hangovers and it is really good for your body.

  1. Abdominal Cancer and Diarrhea

If you are suffered by diarrhea, you can consume dates for healing it because dates contain potassium which is acquainted with an effective way to healing diarrhea. Dates also contain soluble fiber which is used for helping to solve diarrhea problem. Moreover, health benefits of dates are it can prevent and medicate abdominal cancer. By consuming dates, it can reduce a risk of abdominal cancer. This is the traditional and natural medicine which can heal abdominal cancer. It is the recommended food for consuming every day to prevent a risk of chronic and serious diseases.

Thus you already know the health benefits of dates that can make your body stay healthy. For that you should not hesitate or be afraid to consume a date, in addition to sweet and delicious but also can have a positive effect for the needs nutrients and vitamins in your body.

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