The Difference Between Chinese Green Tea and Japanese Green Tea

So, what do you think about the difference between Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea? An ignorant person will perhaps can’t find the difference between these two types of tea. Well if you are a tea lover then you must want to know what makes the both tea different with each other. But why Chinese and Japanese green tea? There are also some different countries that produce green tea? Traditionally, China and Japan is the main producer of green tea. It is also believed that the tea we drink today was first found by the Chinese. And next it comes to Japan and influence the country. But in the process Japan that adopt a lot of Chinese culture also develop its own color. How about the green tea? Check it out!

Japanese Green Tea

The Main Difference Of Japanese and Chinese Green Tea

So, what is the main difference between both green teas? The answer of this question lies on the green tea is processed. Chinese green tea is processed in different manner of Japanese green tea. After the tea is picked, the Chinese will take the tea leaved on pan-fried to dry it. The tea that is produced usually will have light golden color. Meanwhile the Japanese green tea is processed by steaming the green tea in order to prevent fermentation. After this process the leaves are dried. This process will produce green color of leave. If the Japanese green tea has through proper process it will have fresh aromatic taste in it.

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The Taste of Chinese Green Tea And Japanese Green Tea

Between Japan and Chinese green tea has their own different taste. Even among their respective green tea, there is also difference. Chinese green tea is believed to have mellow and crisp flavor. Meanwhile the Japanese green tea has more natural and fresh taste. It is because the Japanese green tea preserves the fermentation of the leave. That is why Japanese green tea has a lot more leaves taste in it. However the likeness of people is difference. You can’t judge one tea is better than the other. It is also hard to determine what kind of green tea that is suitable for you. Besides the taste, the benefit that you will have for the both of tea will be also the same. So you do not have to worry about choosing if you want to take benefit from the green tea.

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