The Benefits of Garlic for Ear Infections

Benefits of garlic for ear infections are popular as alternative medication. Garlic commonly used as ingredient to make certain cuisine tasteful. However, this ingredient is also used for medical purposes. Besides used for hair treatment, the garlic has special property as natural antibiotic. The antibiotic of garlic is capable of curing infection caused by bacteria and virus. One of those diseases is ear infection. Bacteria or virus that enters your earlobe causes the ear infection. When you got influenza, the bacteria and virus on your throat can migrate to your ear lobe through Eustachian tube. Therefore, ear infection is commonly happen to a person who is recovering from influenza.

The Benefits of Garlic for Ear Infections

People with ear infection usually have hearing problem. The Eustachian tube has a main function as drainage channel of fluid on your ear. If the bacteria and virus infects this tube, the drainage channel would be blocked. For a person with serious ear infection, the ear release excretion that adds pressure to eardrum. If the person let this happens, the eardrum might torn apart. As the result, the person with serious ear infection might have difficulty to receive sound normally. The symptom of ear infection is started with pain sensation on the ear. This symptom is followed by temporal hearing problem. The person who gets the ear infection might feel fever and nausea.

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Besides having a distinctive taste, the antibiotic characteristic is the main benefits of garlic for ear infections. Generally, if you take this problem to doctor, they will give you antibiotic medications such as amoxicillin or erythromycin. However, if you do not have time to meet the doctor, you can use these simple methods as precaution measure. You can apply these methods when you feel a painful sensation to your ear. First, you need to slice a piece of garlic clove. When you are going to sleep, put the sliced garlic clove to your earlobe. Make sure that the size of garlic clove is big enough so that it is not stuck inside your ear lobe. It will reduce he pain and inflammation on your earlobe. Additionally, it softens your ear so that it is easier for you to clean up your earlobe from bacteria and virus.

Alternatively, you can also slice a garlic clove into four pieces. Soak them in a glass of water for two hour. Drop the water of it slowly to your ear lobe. Repeat the same process three times a day. However, you need to remember that during the recovery process you need to take care of your ear lobe from humidity.

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