The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Skin

Benefits of drinking green tea for skin are there so many. Green tea as a herbal drink that has been known since the era of our ancestor have so many benefits for our health such as preventing conditions like heart disease, cancer, gum disease, and skin aging. This is because green tea has a medical property called polyphenols which come from tea’s subtype called catechins.

Green tea’s catechins have the biggest amount among the other teas, which is about 25%. According to numerous studies, polyphenols in green tea have protective effect against free radicals and toxins, cancer, infections, cardiovascular damage, and many more. That is why drinking tea from three to ten cups a day, especially green tea, can be a good choice instead of drinking other beverages. In this article, I will share you the benefits of drinking green tea, especially for your skin health. So, check this out.

Drinking Green Tea for Skin

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Skin

For your information, numerous studies of the benefits of drinking tea are usually done in animals rather than in human. Just like that, knowing the benefits of drinking green tea for skin is also done by doing animal studies. The result shows that green tea can protect animals from skin cancer because it reduces sun damage by acting as antioxidant which rejects free radicals from entering the body and reducing inflammations, not by blocking UV rays. This fact is also working well in human studies. So, for you who want to keep your skin healthy, you can combine your sunscreen with green tea formula cream, especially if you use zinc oxide-based sunscreen as it will not react negatively in sunlight, or you can also drink green tea regularly. Besides protecting your skin from sun damage, green tea polyphenols are believed to slow down some signs of skin aging because they will act as anti-aging which improve your skin’s tissue elasticity so that you can reduce your change to get skin sag and wrinkles by drinking green tea.

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Overall, it is good for you to drink green tea instead of other beverages if you want to have some benefits of drinking. Drinking green tea regularly will give you some benefits like what I have stated above such as antioxidant, anti-inflammation, and anti-aging. Researchers believe that there will be more benefits of drinking green tea so that further studies are still conducted to know more about the benefits of drinking green tea for skin.

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