Settle the Debate about the Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic

Benefits of eating raw garlic are still debatable. However, this article will settle the arguments related to this certain issue. As we all know, garlic is used for various cuisines. Most people add garlic to their cuisine due to its strong smell and taste. The cuisine with garlic will increase the appetite. Nevertheless, some people do not like its strong smell and taste at all. Most of those cuisines incorporate garlic that is cooked together with other ingredients. Meanwhile, there are also cuisines that incorporate freshly sliced garlic. When you cooked the garlic with other ingredients, some of the useful substance on garlic might disintegrate due to the heat exposure.


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Some of useful substance on garlic such as Allicin can only be obtained when the garlic is in raw and uncooked condition. This substance is important to burn the calorie in your body. The Allicin of garlic comes from Allin substance. It is converted into Allicin when you consume raw garlic. This oily substance generates acidic compound once it is formed. It reacts rapidly and creates bonding with free radical in your digesting system. It helps your digesting system to disable the function of free radicals that are harmful you your body. As we all know, the free radical is originally comes from digestion byproducts. The environmental toxins from your liver are also disintegrate into the free radicals.

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The Allicin helps to bond the free radicals into water-soluble compounds. Once those free radicals are bond, the water in your digestive system will solve them and lead out from your body. The free radicals on your body are responsible for several dangerous diseases such as cancer. Obviously after those free radicals are no longer in your body, it will reduce your chance of getting cancer. Therefore, it is important for you to consume raw and uncooked garlic, especially if you do not want to get cancer.

Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects that Everybody Must Know

You are suggested to chew raw and uncooked garlic regularly. The raw garlic claims to have minimal side effect when you consume it raw. However, you need to remember that it can give you gastrointestinal effects. Other unpleasant effects of consuming raw garlic are bloating feeling, nausea, and bad breath. You also need to avoid the garlic juice from your eyes away. The juice from garlic might cause irritation to your eyes. You are also suggested to consult with your doctor before you consume raw garlic. The garlic might have certain reaction to several medicines. Despite all of those unpleasant effects, there are plenty benefits of eating raw garlic.

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