Prunes Health Benefits, Natural Source of Antioxidants

There are many prunes health benefits for gastrointestinal, cardiovascular health, and even preventing cancer and osteoporosis. Prunes may be unfamiliar for your ears. For your information, the dried plums are one of the healthiest foods that we can consume every day. The purple fruits are not much liked by the people because it looks unattractive. Some of them even think that the fruit cannot give any benefit. However, after some studies, this fruit is known to have a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for the body. Therefore, now more people are happy to consume this fruit every day.
Prunes Health Benefits

Powerful Prunes Health Benefits

Many people already know that prunes can overcome constipation. The 100 gr of prunes contains more than 6 gr of fiber. The fiber, chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acids are useful to maintain digestive health and treat constipation. Prunes health benefits also obtained from the enzymes contained in it. The sorbitol, a kind of alcohol sugar contained in prunes also help to reduce the stool’s transit time thus reducing constipation. Sorbitol also has another benefit to prevent hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer. A 100 gr prune juice can give you 6 to 14 gr of sorbitol.

There are many other prunes health benefits for your diet program. The fiber contained in it can keep you stay full so you will not eat a lot. Take a half cup of prunes and you will lose your appetite all day. It also has benefit to stabilize the level of blood sugar. The soluble fiber will slow the absorption of sugar in the stomach. The fiber also helps to increase the body’s insulin sensitivity. In addition to reducing weight, prune is also used for patients with high cholesterol. It works by absorbing the excess of bile in the bowel and then discards it. Bile is made by liver using cholesterol to digest fat. The body will be spent cholesterol to replace the bile absorbed by the fiber from prunes.

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Other good nutrients in the prune are vitamin K, beta carotene, and antioxidant. They are very useful for the regeneration of cells and prevent aging. Beta carotene fixes the damaged cells because of free radicals. It will work with the vitamin K to remove wrinkles, reduce bone loss, and improve the body’s circulation. This prunes health benefits will be highly favored by women. The recent research shows that the dried fruit has more antioxidant capacity than others. In 100 gr of prunes, you can get 5770 ORAC unit of antioxidant. It can protect you from free radicals, pollution, unstable molecules, and UV radiation.

The 100 gr of prunes will meet your Boron and Potassium needs in a day. They are very useful for maintaining the bones health in order to prevent osteoporosis and osteopenia. Consuming prune every day for three months will give a significant impact on increasing the bone density. We can also find other nutrients like many kinds of vitamins and minerals that are useful for the body. There are many other prunes health benefits which are still under study.

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