Oregano Health Benefits for Our Body

Oregano or Pot Majoram is Mediterranean vegetation. It also grows in Middle Asia and South Asia. Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is used for pizza and spaghetti. We can also find it in roasted meat, omelet, soup, and tea. Although it is used in various foods, not all of people know the Oregano health benefits for their body. Over centuries, Oregano has been an herb used by many great medical people to cure certain disease. Ancient People used them by rubbing over their baldhead to make the hair grows.

Oregano Health Benefit

Five Oregano Health Benefit

Oregano leaves provides natural antioxidant. In every Oregano leaf, there is a substance called Rosmarinic Acid. This substance combined with Thymol in the Oregano leaf acts as strong antioxidant. Both of the substances are believed to reduce oxidative stress in our body. The oregano health benefits are not only slowing down the oxidative process in our body as antioxidant, but it is also able to protect our cells from dangerous free radical substances. The free radical substances can cause oxidative process in our body. The Rosmarinic Acid and Thymol substances in the Oregano leaf help us to disentangle the structure of the dangerous free radical substances in our system.

Another Oregano health benefits are for anti-bacteria. The Thymol substances combined with Carvacrol in Oregano can repel various bacteria. The bacteria that are usually damaged the skin, intestine, and another part of our body in cellular level can be repelled easily by the combination of those two substances. The substances work by disturbing and killing the growth process of the bacteria by removing the metabolism microbe from our body.

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Besides those Oregano health benefits, Oregano also helps our digesting system. Oregano leaves contains many kinds of fibers. These fibers are good for our digesting system. When fibers enter our body, it stimulate intestine channel to produce feces. Fibers of Oregano in correct quantity will protect our body from various diseases such as large intestine disease, intestine cancer, hemorrhoids, appendix infections, and enteritis.

Improving human heart health is also one of the Oregon health benefits. Only few people know that Oregano is a natural form of omega-3 fatty acid. The omega-3 fatty acid is good for our heart health. Not only that, omega-3 fatty acid can also balance the cholesterol level in our body. It reduces inflammation in cardiovascular system. It reduces our body to get dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke. Besides the fact that omega-3 fatty acid is good for our heart, some research suggests that it contribute on helping Alzheimer’s disease and dementia disease. It also gives positive effect on memory loss gradually due to aging.

One of the last of health benefit of Oregano is for body detoxification. Oregano contains Manganese, Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin K. Those substances are good for body detoxification. It helps our liver to accelerate the toxic release from our system. It removes toxic substance carried out by our liver. Therefore, it is suggested for people who are alcoholic, drug addiction, and people who need metabolic detoxification. In addition, Oregano can return human body in homeostasis after using addictive substances. Up until now, the scientists still conduct experiments to find out more about Oregano health benefits.

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