Do Natural Supplements For High Blood Pressure Really Work?

Natural supplements for high blood pressure have been one of many alternative options that may help lower the pressure. This syndrome is a pervasive and devastating health threat to the aging population, there’s also a good chance you don’t know you have it. Doctor won’t tell you that hypertension has a tendency to increase with age, so adding a vitamin or supplement to prevent high blood pressure may also help your future. You can also practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation to reduce stress level then lower the blood pressure. Or maybe re-watching “anger management” movie, which can be somehow informational.

Natural supplements for high blood pressure

American food industry has generated a damaging and an overly-sugared food that is a guaranteed route towards high blood pressure, not to mention cholesterol distortion. In other cultures high blood pressure can often be controlled without drugs or even medicines. Moreover, eating more nuts, vegetables, and fruits can indeed reduce blood pressure. Chinese herbal that use several combination of medicinal herbs like all-heal flower, honey-suckle, chrysanthemum as well as mushrooms like shiitake, also ginseng root can improve blood flow by widening the blood vessels naturally. Meanwhile, the bitter seeds of grapes have the ability to lower blood pressure naturally because they are actually packed with composites named polyphenols.

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Talk to your doctor before adding any of these supplements to your blood pressure treatment, this information are meant to supplement, not replace. More research is needed to determine the potential benefits of some supplements because it can counter prescribed medications. Some of the negative warning is that it may cause harmful side effect that could be fatal, such as an increased bleeding risk.  Most your doctor might do to help you correct hypertension is tell you to lose weight, cut your salt intake, and follow a diet program. DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is the most appropriate tactics to lower your blood pressure.

Avoiding salty and fried foods, and eating more nuts, vegetables, and fruits can indeed reduce blood pressure modestly, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat deliciously. For cooking or deep frying oil, try using grape seed, or olive as substitute. The other natural herbs that helps fight high blood pressure are Hawthorn, French lavender, and cat’s claw. Basil, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Flaxseed, Garlic, celery seed, and ginger are the best herb to lower blood pressure. It can be added to salad or soup as the natural supplements for high blood pressure.

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