Natural Remedies for Stuffy Nose

Natural remedies for stuffy nose are needed for relieving the nose problem. Especially in the nighttime, you will get disturbance in the sleeping time. Should chemical pills be taken? You do not have to. Those chemical pills might be able to relieve your stuffy nose. However, for longtime consumption, it will cause more complicated problem for kidney and heart. It seems that natural remedies are better than chemical pills. There will be simple remedies that can be taken for relieving the stuffy nose. Here, the information will be shared for you.

Natural Remedies for Stuffy Nose


Steaming technique is helpful for relieving that stuffy nose problem. It is so simple to do. You just have to take the warm water into a bowl. Make sure that the water is so hot so that you can capture more steam. Then, take the eucalyptus oil. Put 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil inside the hot water. Then, get the right position of nose so that the steams can reach the nose. For maximum result, you may close your head with large towel so that the steams will not go away. This way is effective for reducing the bad stuffy nose condition.

Chili can be listed as the good remedies for relieving your stuffy nose. Take the hot foods and east it with chili. The ingredients in chili will stimulate the nose for reliving the stuff. Even though this way is very effective, you may not do it too often. The great amount of chili for being consumed will cause more serious problem. You will get stomachache. Besides chili, you may also use garlic. Consume more garlic when the stuffy nose comes. You may also east foods with more garlic for medication. Those ingredients are easy to find. Therefore, you will not get any problem for finding them in stores and groceries.

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Besides that, you need to do some simple activities such as walking and jogging. Those activities will stimulate your body for more hormone production. In the morning, you have to get from your bed so early. Then, do simple activities for burning the calories. However, you have to keep the body condition. Even though the simple activities are needed, you may not do it too long. It will make your stuffy nose get worse. If you feel that that natural mediation cannot give good result for nose relieving, you may contact your doctors. It seems that you need to pills instead of natural remedies for stuffy nose.

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