Natural Remedies for Constipation

Natural remedies for constipation are really needed for your health. As we all know, constipation happens because someone is lack of fiber on diet. This problem also happens because someone never do exercises or may be as the effect of consuming some medicines. Almost every people have ever suffered from constipation. In this occasion, the natural way of curing constipation will be discussed. The following is the detail information.

Natural Remedies for Constipation


As you know, natural medicine can be chosen as the way to get away of constipation. The first easy way to do is by eating more fibrous. Fibrous can enhance the amount of water in feces and make it solid. As a result, feces are easy to be removed.  Scientist recommends you to consume at least 20 until 35 gram fiber a day. If you drink a medicine, it is really suggested to drink it one or two hours after eating fibrous food. The examples of fibrous foods are apples and grapes. For fibrous vegetables, it comes from broccoli, spinach, carrot, cabbage, artichoke, etc.

In addition, the other choice of food which is recommended to eat for people who suffer from constipation is whole cereal. The one main thing to remember is the possibility to cook the cereal. If you want to eat this, you have to read first the label to make sure that your choice contains high fiber. As an alternative, you are also suggested to choose wheat bread without flour.

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Another recommendation that you may take is drinking much water. Wet and tight feces are the main cause of constipation. If you drink more water, it means that you will get rid of constipation problem, especially if you want to enhance the amount of fiber that you consume. For a man, it is really recommended to drink at least 13 cups or approximately 3 liter ion a day. Meanwhile, for a woman, you must at least drink 9 cups or 2.2 liter ion a day.

To avoid constipation problem, you have also to avoid coffee and alcohol. As your information, those beverages are diuretics. It will make your body suffer from dehydration because it pulls the ion out. This thing will make the constipation in dangerous situation. The other good liquid for constipation are juice and herbal tea. However, you have to drink juice just like peer and apple juice because they are the best natural remedies for constipation.

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