Easy to Find Natural Remedies for Asthma

Natural remedies for asthma are the alternative ways beside doctor medications. Asthma is a chronic or acute disease that commonly happens in human respiratory system. People with asthma tend to breathing shortly, panting, coughing, and feeling tighten on their chest. Asthma can be caused by either genetic or external factor. However, most people believe that this illness is triggered by weather condition, infection on respiratory system, pollution in the air, and emotions. Certain medication can also trigger asthma. These following natural remedies are not only capable of curing asthma but also relief the pain of the symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Asthma

The natural remedies that you can use to treat asthma are relatively easy to find. Most of them can be found in your kitchen. The first natural remedy is ginger. Mix ginger juice, honey, and pomegranate in equal quantities. Drink one tablespoon of it in the morning and before you go to sleep. Alternatively, you can mix raw ginger and salt, and then chew it whenever the asthma attacks. The airway of people with asthma is contracting and preventing proper air supply. The ginger can make the airway is relaxed and returned into its normal form. This way the lung is going to get the proper air supply it needs.

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Relaxing airway is not only can be done by ginger. Garlic also has the same capability of making the human airway to work properly. Moreover, garlic can also remove the congestion that make the airway that supply the air to the lung cannot work properly. To consume garlic for asthma medication, you only need to take three cloves of garlic and boil them with a quarter cup of milk. Before you drink it, remember to wait the milk cooler. Drinking hot milk with garlic will not make you any better. Repeat the same process twice a day.

Alternatively, you can consume caffeine in any coffee. The caffeine on coffee acts as bronchodilator. It dilates the airways so that you can breathe easily. For better result, you can also drink stronger coffee. Drink the coffee only if it is necessary. Too much coffee is not good for your body. Drinking more than three cups of coffee per day is not suggested. You can also try the eucalyptus oil. It has distinctive smell that is good for asthma treatment. The mucus on your nose will be unblocked thanks to the chemical substance called eucalyptol. It is handy to use those remedies, especially since you can found easily those natural remedies for asthma.

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