Useful Substances and Molasses Health Benefits

In this article, we will discuss about molasses health benefit. Many people used this ingredient for many kinds of foods. Molasses or black treacle is the glutinous by-product form sugar cane refining. It is not going through crystallization process because the glucose and fructose in molasses cannot be crystalizes anymore. One of the most popular foods using this molasses is ginger bread. There are two sources of molasses; they are sugar cane and sugar beet. The types of molasses are cane molasses, blackstrap molasses, and sugar beet molasses. After knowing about its origin, now we will find out about the benefit of molasses consumption.

Molasses Health Benefits

Scientific Research on Molasses Health Benefits

The scientists conducted research to find out the molasses health benefits. Based on the research, molasses contains protein and fiber. Additionally, there is also sugar in this ingredient. In the 20 grams of molasses, there is 11.1 grams of sugar. The sugar is divided into 5.88 grams of sucrose, 2.38 grams of glucose, and 2.56 grams of fructose. Molasses is proven not having any fat and cholesterol. Besides, there are Carbohydrate and mineral such as Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium. The vitamins in the molasses are Pyridoxine, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Riboflavin and Thiamine. Let us break up the health benefits of those substances one by one.

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One of the molasses health benefits is to fulfill the body’s energy supply. For every 100 grams of molasses, it provides 1,213 kJ of energy. The energy provided by the carbohydrate is equivalent to 290 kcal. The calcium per 100 grams of molasses is 21%. It means that 205 mg of molasses is good for kids in growing periods. Moreover, the Iron helps women who are in menstruation period. In that period, they need more supply of red blood cells. The Iron stimulates the production of red blood cells. Moreover, the Iron also stimulates the production of hemoglobin for people who is suffering from Anemia. Meanwhile the magnesium helps us to maintain our muscles and nerves functioning properly. It also helps to keep our heart beat rhythm.

More on the molasses health benefits, the scientist suggests that Thiamine on molasses have important role to converting glucose into energy. Besides, this substance is also responsible in producing acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that delivers the responses from our brain to muscles and nerves. The riboflavin on molasses is very essential to protect the nerve system. It is also helps to cure several diseases such as Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, and epileptic. Riboflavin combined with pyridoxine is effective to heal carpal tunnel disease.

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As discussed before, there is also niacin in molasses. This substance is useful for keeping the blood circulation, protecting brain function, and improving our memory. The scientist discovers other molasses health benefits of this substance. Niacin can be used to reduce the effect of joint inflammation. People suffer from schizophrenia can use niacin to heal the disease.

The last useful substance of molasses is called pantothenic acid. This substance helps us to cure several diseases such as asthma, allergy, stress, depression, breathing dysfunction, and heart problems. The pantothenic acid of molasses health benefits also helps us to increase our immunity as well as reducing osteoarthritis and aging.

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