Discovering Manuka Honey Health Benefits

Before we talk about Manuka honey health benefits, we should first know the reason of why Manuka honey has benefits for health. Have you ever heard of Manuka flower? Manuka or Lepstospermum scoparium is plant species lived in New Zealand and Southern Australia. It has small white petal and lives in wild nature. This flower also produces honey which is very beneficial for health.

Manuka Honey Health Benefits

Get the Million Health Benefits in a Bottle of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is the type of monofloral honey which is dominated by or derived from one type of nectar. It was first examined by Professor Peter Molan from Waikato University, New Zealand around 1980. The result showed that this ingredient contains compound which had anti-bacterial activity. In 2006, Professor Thomas Henley from Technical University of Dresden, Germany found that the compound was methyglyoxal. Other than the common compounds and vitamins contained in honey, the one which makes it is rich in benefits is the methylglyoxal compound. The following will be explained about Manuka honey health benefits.

The first, Manuka honey helps treating diseases. No one wants to have an illness though it is just a minor illness. Those who are sick will try the best to get medication. It is able to treat almost all diseases ranging from common diseases such as colds, diarrhea, and anemia, up to severe class of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, low blood pressure, and high blood pressure or hypertension which is most commonly suffered by the elderly.

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The second, this kind of honey is beneficial for skin health. Manuka honey health benefits we get are also able to repair the damaged cells and tissues of the body including the cells and tissues of the skin. For those who have skin problems such as acne prone skin as well as dry and dull skin, by consuming it routinely, your skin problems will be solved. It also has function as an anti-aging and treats skin wounds due to burns and ulcers.

The third, Manuka honey has the function as body immune system. Do you know that the body with low immune systems will be susceptible to disease? If you have a low immune system, Manuka honey health benefits will increase your body immune system. Because of the methyglyoxal contained in Manuka honey, it can kill bacteria and viruses which can cause diseases. This honey also contains natural antibiotic. Besides, it is able to reduce the risk of cancer and improve fertility of men and women.

How much should we pay if we want to buy Manuka honey? The most inexpensive Manuka honey with low methyglyoxal costs about US $28. The higher methyglyoxal contained, the more expensive the price is. We can find out how high the methyglyoxal content in a bottle by reading MGO label which stands for methylglyoxal on the packaging bottle. Although the price of a bottle of Manuka honey is quite expensive, Manuka honey health benefits we get are worth with the cost we pay. More than two million Manuka flowers are needed to produce just one pound of honey. It gives us the benefits we need for health. There is nothing more important than good health.

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