Culinary Herb Review: Lemongrass Health Benefits

The lemongrass health benefits are no longer secret for Asian countries. Lemongrass is not only used as ingredient of many Eastern cuisines but also for medical purposes. The scientific name for lemongrass is Cymbopogon citratus. This vegetation grows spread from Southern India to Indonesia. Lemongrass can grow up to 2 meters and grows clumping together. The leaves are linear, 1 meter long and 2 cm wide. The color of the leaf is green and white in the lower part. It is called lemongrass because if you pick the leaves and crushed it, you can smell lemon-like fragrance from it.

Lemongrass Health Benefits

Lemongrass Health Benefits for Curing Various Diseases

There are many lemongrass health benefits discovered by people over centuries. One of them is as anti-cancer agent. A research shows that lemongrass contains substance called Citral. Citral is one of natural substance that is proven able to kill cancer cells. Brewing lemongrass with tea regularly will reduce the risk of getting cancer. This substance is also responsible for the lemon fragrance it has. Besides as anti-cancer, it also helps to cure diabetes. The tea have important role on pancreas detoxification. It works by reducing the sugar level in the blood of people with diabetes.

Lemongrass also contains Iron. One of the lemongrass health benefits is to cure anemia. The Iron in it works in synthesizing hemoglobin. It helps to cure many kinds of anemia caused by lacks of Iron. Moreover, you can also use it to clean fungus and bacteria as natural antiseptic. Consuming lemongrass tea will help you to cleanse unnecessary microorganism in your system. It also helps to cleanse the blood stream from bacteria. Besides antiseptic, you can also use it as anti-inflammation. For those of you who suffer arthritis, gout, or inflammation on urinary tract, it is recommended as the cure.

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Lemongrass contains substances called Atsiri Oil. This oil is required for balsamic action in breathing problem. Generally, the lemongrass health benefits related to this substance is to cure cold and influenza. This oil can also help our body to get warmer. As for those of you who need diet for detoxification, lemongrass will help you to purify your liver, kidney, pancreas, and blood circulation. The diuretic effect from this ingredient will also release any poison effectively.

Try to brew tea with lemongrass in it. The lemongrass health benefits by making the tea will liquefy the fat in our body. The tea helps to make our bowel movement easier. You can reduce your weight effectively using this kind of tea. If you have difficulty to fall asleep or insomnia, it will stabilize the chemistry in your brain. Therefore, it makes you relax and can go to sleep easier.

After knowing about the health benefit of lemongrass, now there is a tip on how to use this ingredient. As mentioned above, you can brew it with tea. However, you can also crush the lemongrass to get the lemon fragrance out of it an adding it to your soup, broth, curry, or sauce. Alternatively, you can cut it slightly and combine it to your salad. Knowing the lemongrass health benefit will not be enough if you do not know how to utilize the lemongrass itself.

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