Knowing Jasmine Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Jasmine tea benefits and side effects should have been known by consumers before taking this beverage as it will help consumers to understand the use of Jasmine tea and the effect by consuming this kind of beverage. Before explaining about the benefits and side effects of drinking Jasmine tea, first of all I will give a short overview about Jasmine as the source beverage. Jasmine is a kind of plant which flowers are used to make medicine for hepatitis, cirrhosis, dysentery, and other liver and abdominal pains. This fact is based on Chinese history and believed as this plant first used in China, certainly during Song Dynasty. They believe that Jasmine is not just good for beverages, but it can also act as medicine which cures various diseases and health problems. Jasmine’s flowers can act as sedative which cause relaxation, aphrodisiac which increase sexual desire, and antioxidant which can be used to prevent and treat cancer. Besides, Jasmine is used in foods and drinks industry as a flavor and in manufacture industry as a fragrance. In this article, I will specially discuss about Jasmine in foods and beverages industry, more specific will be Jasmine as a tea product which has benefits and side effects.

Jasmine Tea Benefits and Side Effects

The Jasmine Tea Benefits and Side Effects

In our daily life, we can find four kinds of Jasmine tea which are black tea, white tea, green tea, and oolong tea. Jasmine tea is believed as a safe product for most people if it is consume in the right food amount. There is a saying ‘Xiang Pian or Mo Li Hua Cha’ which roughly means people around the world love Jasmine tea’s intoxicating fragrance and admire its various health benefits. From that, we can say that there are many benefits we can get by drinking this refreshing Jasmine tea, especially for our health as I also said above that Jasmine is widely used as medicine. Some of the benefits are reducing your anxiety because of its sedative role, preventing aging and cancer because of its antioxidant role, combating cold and allergies as it will boost your immune system, restricting food-borne diseases as its will obstruct the growth of bacteria, reducing cholesterol levels, helping you lose your weight as it will burn your fat, improving your mental health as it acts as antidepressant, and many more. As this article talks about Jasmine tea benefits and side effects, I will also tell the side effect of drinking Jasmine tea. So, even though Jasmine tea has many benefits, it is also has side effects. As Jasmine flowers and leaves usually mix with green or oolong leaves, Jasmine tea contains significant amount of caffeine which is actually bad for our heart and nerves.

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That is why we cannot consume much of it to keep our health. For pregnant and breast-feeding women, it is good for them to consult their doctor before taking so much of Jasmine tea. One more thing, remember not to take Jasmine tea when your stomach is empty as it can enhance the acidity level in your body.
Overall, Jasmine tea is actually bringing more good than harm. Even so, it is good to stick at the food amount so that we can both enjoy the tea and our healthy life. For you who are tea-lover, I have tips for you to enjoy your Jasmine tea better. You just need to ‘soak, sniff, take in the soothing smell, sip, savor the taste, and let it refresh your mind and soul’. In the end, I hope you can be a wise tea-consumer after you know more about Jasmine tea benefits and side effects.

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