Japanese’s Kitkat Green Tea Review

Kitkat green tea review in this article will focus on Japanese product as kitkat green tea first produced in Japan. Before going deep on discussing the product, I will give a short overview of Japanese kitkat. Japan is an innovative country where many bombastic products created. Kitkat is just one of many bombastic products of Japan which has get in international market. Up to know, Japanese kitkat producers have made at least 15 different flavors of kitkat, in addition to the chocolate flavor which is the original one. The 15 flavors are all innovative products based on

Japanese’s Kitkat Green Tea

Japanese signature like fruits, veggies, beverages, baked goods, and the weird stuffs of Japan. Japanese fruits kitkat has 4 choices of flavors which are Strawberry, Citrus Golden Blend, Pear, and Shinshu Apple. For veggies they have Edamame Soybean, Purple variant of Sweet Potato, as well as Hot Japanese Chili. Cinnamon Cookie, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Strawberry Cheesecake are those which include in baked goods’ flavors. For the beverages’ flavors, there are Hojicha Roasted Tea, Matcha-Green Tea, along with Brown Sugar Syrup. There are also Red Bean Sandwich and Wasabi flavors’ kitkats which are categorized as Japanese weird stuffs. In this article, I will specially explain about Japanese Matcha-Green Tea or we know it better asKitkat Green Tea.

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The Kitkat Green Tea Review

Kitkat Green Tea is a white chocolate wafer mini bar food with green tea-flavored coating which is originally made in Japan. Usually, it is packed in a 4.91-ounce package consists of 12 mini bars and sold for $5.49 at Japanese local supermarkets. Even so, now you can find Kitkat Green Tea almost everywhere, especially in online stores as it has become a trending food. In these products, green tea cream which flavor is fresh and a bit bitter acts as the coating which covers creamy white chocolate and crispy wafer inside, just like the usual kitkat. As a Kitkat green tea review, I can say that the taste of green tea in this product will be the same as other Japanese green tea flavored products like ice cream and bread cream. The sensation comes after eating this Kitkat Green Tea will be mellow and refreshing, the same as after we take some Matcha-Green Tea drinks. A mini bar of Kitkat Green Tea weighs 12 grams and consists 67 calories, 4 grams fat, 27 milligrams sodium, 8 gram carbohydrates, and 1 gram protein. As a snack, this mini bar is a light snack which you can take more than one piece in one eating time.

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For you who are interested to try this new innovation of Javanese food producer, you can now find it easily by searching in some online stores which sell snacks and food because they usually offer Japanese Kitkat Green Tea. With the price which is not so different from the actual price in Japanese supermarket, you can taste the mellow and refreshing sensation of this creamy yet crispy interesting snack. Overall, thank you for reading thisKitkat green tea review.

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