Is Stevia Healthy or Bad For You as Natural Sweetener?

Is stevia healthy or bad for you? To answer this question, let develop a little bit about the stevia itself. It is one of the herbal plants which are pretty much to be found in South America. There are more than 200 species of stevia that are exists in that area. We can say it is so much, however we can also say that this herbal plant is pretty rare. Do not be surprised if one day the price of this herbal plant is higher than you never expect. As one of the herbal plant, this one is pretty unique especially for the taste. You will recognize that this plant taste so sweet.

Stevia Healthy or Bad

stevia leaves


There are some reasons why it tastes like that. The first is the presence of two types of glycosides. These glycosides are stevioside and rebaudioside. Although it can taste very best in the specific moment, you can also find the stevia which taste bitter. Some people are afraid that the stevia is influenced by something when they taste it bitter.

Actually it is a normal condition. Based on the sweet taste which is produced by these natural elements, some types of stevia are made as the natural sweetener. It is one of best alternative of sugar.

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Although the taste is worse than the sugar, it is more safely even you are using the stevia for high amount. Some studies are also proof that stevia is gaining so many benefits. The latest research entitled Nutrition and Cancer has release the result that stevia is one of the natural element that is functioned well in breast cancer reduction. It has the element which is called as cancer apoptosis inside. This will reduce the possibility of cancer growth in your body.

The other studies are also shows that the stevia will give natural colon cancer.
To make the presence of stevia is working perfectly. You can make sure to use the plant with the blackberry leaf. These are the combination of powerful antioxidants that will give powerful benefit for you. The positive impacts are having a very powerful contribution in reducing the blood sugar in the body. In the other research, stevia is also proven to be one of the most powerful natural herbal elements that are very capable in reducing the potential of cholesterol and even the blood pressure. For you who have the problem with hormones, stevia will never affect that at all. So now you already capable to answer is stevia healthy or bad for you?

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