Is Garlic Good for You? A Brief Health Explanation

“Is garlic good for you?” is a question that has been asked for centuries. Garlic has a distinctive pungent smell and spicy taste. Most people over the world like to use garlic as ingredient of certain cuisine. Meanwhile, the rest does not the sharp smell of it. Besides as cuisine ingredient, garlic is also popular as an alternative medication for several diseases. To answer that question, you need to understand both the benefits and the harms of garlic itself. After understanding those sides, you can get better perspective to decide whether it is worth to consume garlic.

Is garlic good for you

Is garlic good for you ?

Let us start with the positive notes related to the medical benefit of consuming garlic. Garlic contains several useful substances that help to cure several health problems. One of them is hair loss issue on person who has unhealthy lifestyle and under stress. The substances on garlic is not only prevent the hair loss, but also strengthen it by provides nourishment. Garlic is also serves as antibiotic. It can cure several diseases caused by bacteria and virus infection. The ear infection is one of those infections that can be cured by garlic. Moreover, garlic has distinctive substance called as Allicin. This certain substance bonds free radical of the digestion byproduct into a water-soluble compound. For people with body weight problem, garlic is able to help human body to burn more fat.

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In the other hand, garlic is also has several negative notes. As we all know, garlic has distinctive pungent smell. Consuming garlic in raw condition at significant amount can cause bad breath. Therefore, people are suggested to brush their teeth after consuming garlic. Moreover, the juice from garlic can cause irritation if in contact with human eyes. The antibiotic characteristic of garlic is indeed help to kill the bacteria and virus. However, if it is applied to openly wound, it might cause serious painful sensation. Garlic also has anti-coagulant agent. Therefore, people are not suggested to consume garlic when they are going to do surgery.

As it goes for any natural medication, garlic has two sides of a coin. Besides the benefit for several harmful diseases, it also has side effect for human body. Before you decide whether consuming garlic is good for you or not, it is better for you to consider those both sides. You need to consider the positive note and negative note related to the garlic consumption. By viewing this ingredient for different perspective, you can get better answer to the question “is garlic good for you?”

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