Is Drinking Water before Bed Good or Bad?

Drinking water before bed good or bad is still becoming a debate among people. Some of them believe that drinking water before bed is good because you will need some fluids for your body metabolism during your sleep. Some others believe that drinking water before bed is bad because it will risk your life, for example because it can trigger heart attack. Regardless of any opinions of both sides, here in this article I will show you some good and bad side of drinking water before bed and after that, I will give you freedom to conclude whether drinking water before bed is good or bad.

Drinking Water before Bed

The Debate on Drinking Water before Bed Good or Bad

As I said before, there are many opinions of people who think that drinking tea is whether good or bad. Some of the reasons will be listed in this section so that you can find out the true answer of ‘is drinking water before bed good or bad?’ Good-side says that there are numerous advantages of drinking water before bed such as keeping your health and hydrated your skin so that your acnes can be cleaned during your sleep. This opinion is based on the fact that water contains many valuable nutrients and minerals needed by your body to function well. It is believed that drinking a glass of water before going to bed can help your body replenish the lost fluids during your day. Water is also believed as a natural calorie-burner as sipping ice water which can double up your warming-up time is a good way to burn your calorie and lose your weight so that by drinking water, especially the cold one, before going to bed can make your body do extra hard work to warm up and this will increase your metabolism that will help you burn up your excess calories during your sleep. The other benefits of drinking water before sleep are you can have better sleep because your body fluid is fulfilled and your body can be cleaned from toxins as water is a natural cleanser. On the other hand, the bad-side says that drinking water before bed time will lead you to frightening night condition.

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This is because people who are on this side think that if you are drinking water before going to bed, you will get late night bathroom breaks which means your soundly sleep will be interrupted. The other opinion, as I said before, drinking water before bed can increase the possibility of heart attack, even the evidence has not found yet.
Overall, whether you are on the good or bad side, I hope you can be realistic. Our body, regardless of taking water before bed, mostly consists of water so we have to take sufficient amount of water that we can keep our body in a good condition. Regardless of you want to take water before bed or not, the most important thing is balancing the supply of water for your body because I believe people will always have debate on drinking water before bed good or bad.

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