How to Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain During Pregnancy

How to relieve hemorrhoid pain during pregnancy ? Vigilant for women in pregnancy one against hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids can occur usually during the third trimester of pregnancy oppressor. In this case, the majority of women affected by hemorrhoids for the first time when they are pregnant. If anyone has ever experienced this before the pregnancy, then there are chances they will experience it again. Usually in most cases, these symptoms can arise during pregnancy and will heal itself after the post-birth, especially if you are careful in handling.

Treatment Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Why hemorrhoids can occur during pregnancy?

Pregnancy will make someone become more risky against hemorrhoids. Because of the growing uterus will put pressure growing pelvic veins and inferior vena cava (the large vein on the right side of the body that act like the blood of the whole body on the bottom). Then it will slow down the rate of return of blood from the lower part of the body, so it will increase the pressure on the veins in the lower part of the uterus and makes hemorrhoids become more dilated / swelling.

This situation will be influenced by pregnant women who suffer from constipation. Because constipation is another common problem during pregnancy would worsen the hemorrhoids. Not only that, the increase of a hormone called progesterone during pregnancy would result in the walls of blood vessels become more flexible, it is possible that the blood vessel wall more easily swelling. The hormone progesterone can also cause constipation by slowing the intestinal tract.

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Then how to avoid hemorrhoids during pregnancy? Well, here are a few ways that can be done as a preventive or get rid of hemorrhoids that are already arising among which: The first and foremost to avoid constipation make sure you pay attention to a healthy diet and correct. Inadequate intake will eat foods high in fiber such as that derived in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and grains, inadequate kebuthan daily and water 8 to 10 glasses or according to the needs and activities, doing light exercise routine and regular for 30 minutes. If you have constipation, then consult your doctor about regarding the use of fiber supplements / softener stool (feces).

– Do not hold to defecate and try not to push.
– Perform Kegel exercises
– Should avoid sitting and standing too long.

So how to relieve hemorrhoid pain during pregnancy? The following tips and how!

• Compress with ice cubes covered with a soft cloth on the affected hemorrhoids for several times a day. The use of ice cubes help to reduce Swelling and discomfort.
• Soak the rectum with warm water for 10 to 15 minutes several times a day.
• Make sure you clean the affected area after defecation hemorrhoids with soft tissue and do not use wipes containing farfum.
• Try to consult a doctor to get an accurate treatment.

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