How Much Water Should You Drink a Day for Weight Loss

Maybe you already know that water is also used to lose weight, how much water you should drink a day for weight loss. After exercise and diet, you can also try to lose weight through drink water. This is known as the water detox. This method is quite powerful; you also need to work with a diet and exercise. This water will help to expedite the metabolism in our body, so you do not need to be afraid anymore adjust your diet. In addition, water helps food move faster in the intestine. More over when you are on a diet at the beginning because the fat burning process requires water to work effectively.

You can also consume water during exercise schedule. How much water should you drink a day for weight loss depends on the weight. Easy way, you can count 1 ounce of water for each 500gram weight. However, the most commonly used dose was approximately 2-3 liters of water every day. If you consume fruits that contain water then you can reduce the dose of your drinking water. Make it a habit to drink water as a new you. You also need to drink water when you wake up before doing the activity. This is done so that your digestive system smoothly.

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Water Should You Drink a Day

Here are the benefits of drink water every day:

1. Eliminate dehydration
this of course is well known that water is able to reduce dehydration and helps relieve thirst.

2. Helps restore body fluids
your 70% fluids in our body, while doing many activities of the fluids of the body will be lost and cause our body sluggish. Therefore, by consuming water is able to restore the lost body fluids.

3. Helps you lose weight
as was discussed earlier that water can help you lose weight. There are many more benefits of water for our bodies.

Here’s how to how much water should you drink a day for weight loss:

1. Always water consumption
this is to reduce your appetite to eat snacks or other foods. Always drink water when you are hungry. Do not overdo it also consumeswater, sparingly.
2. Drink water before each meal
this is to suppress your hunger level, minimum drink a glass before meals.
3. Do not over sweet drink, drinking water better
4. If you want to know how much water should you drink a day for weight loss then you need to consume water as much as 3.7 liters formen and 2.7 liters for women.

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