Homemade Natural Remedies for Pimples

Natural remedies for pimples are easy to find. Sometimes, pimples come to your face and make serious problem. As women, of course you do not want to get this terrible thing. There must be sets of face treatment to do. You need to remove those pimples away from your face. Do you want to go to the beauty salon? That might be a solution. However, you will spend hundreds dollars for the face treatment. It is better for you to take home remedies. Using homemade remedies is really recommended for several reasons. Firstly, natural remedies will not give negative effect to skin. It is different from the chemical face treatments. Below, the information about the natural remedies for removing the acnes will be delivered for you.

Homemade Natural Remedies for Pimples


Lemon is effective for removing pimples.

Just take a lemon and cut it into two pieces. Take the essence of lemon and combine it with honey. You just have to apply this combination on your face skin. After several minutes, you may wash your face using face soap. The application of moisturizers is helpful for keeping the skin softness. That is why; you need to apply moisturizers. Besides lemon, there are several remedies for you to choose.

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green tea for pimples threatment

Green tea must be listed as the good remedies for aces treatments.

This kind of remedy has antimicrobial nutrients. This antimicrobial is really needed for removing the bacterial on the face skin. This is for cleaning your face from some dirt. Furthermore, mint leaves are effective for removing acnes. Mint contains pore-clogging oil. This is a kind of oil that can help your pores to release all dirt. If your pores are blocked, of course the dirt will stay under the skin. It causes terrible condition for pimples. That is why you must take mint trees for opening the blocked pores.

Those are some remedies that are really effective for removing pimples. Besides the application of remedies above, you need to keep your skin cleanliness. When you are using cosmetic in the evening, make sure that you have cleaned those cosmetic from your skin.  All dirt must be removed from the skin face for making the pimples go away. Then, clean your face regularly. You might be so lazy in doing this. That must be a great deal, for you for keeping the skin cleanliness. Therefore, you must do it. Therefore, you should keep your face clean besides using the natural remedies for pimples.

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