Health Benefits of Zucchini

Health benefits of zucchini can be obtained by consuming them directly. Zucchini is a fruit that is almost similar to a cucumber. This fruit can be found anywhere, except in a very hot area. Zucchini can grow well in cool climates and tend to be cold. It is usually zucchini that can be consumed to have a color that is bright and has a larger size. Usually zucchini also processed without having to go through the cooking process.

Zucchini can be consumed directly; do not even need to peel the outer skin. The fruit has very high water content. So do not be surprised if just by eating a zucchini you can relieve thirst. But not like it was the best way to consume zucchini. Zucchini would be better if made into a salad. Or used as a complement to a variety of foods.

Health Benefits of Zucchini

Besides having a high water content, zucchini also have some of the nutrients needed by the body. Nutrition has good benefits for our body.

Health benefits of zucchini that good for our body.

• Low calorie

For those of you who are wanting an ideal weight can make zucchini as a snack. One cup of this vegetable sticks contain only 19 calories. The number of calories is much lower than other green vegetables like broccoli or cabbage.

• Well fortunately heart

Zucchini has about 295 milligrams of potassium per day. This equates to 8% of the recommended daily value. According to the American Heart Association potassium to control blood pressure can reduce the harmful effects of salt on your body. Many studies are showing that by increasing potassium intake can cut the risk of stroke and heart disease.

• Rich in antioxidants

These green-skinned vegetables contain antioxidants that help cells lining the blood to function properly. Besides it can also reduce the pressure and clogged arteries and protect.

• Good for the skin

Just like cucumbers that can be used as a mask, zucchini also have similar benefits. The water content in zucchini can make your skin more refreshed. Water can also keep the skin moist. Use zucchini pieces to be used as a mask for you. In fact, zucchini can also remove the black area is usually in the eye.

• Binding of cancer cells

Fiber in the courgettes also proved able to bind cancer-causing carcinogens in the body. That’s the reason why when the barbeque is always available zucchini to neutralize. That’s the health benefits of zucchini.

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