Know More about the Health Benefits of Watermelon

As one of the most popular fruits that people in the world consume, the health benefits of watermelon are not as famous as its taste. In contrast, most people only think that a watermelon is rich of water and sugar that makes us fresh in hot weather. The colour is also interesting to attract everyone to eat it. Not only adults but also children love to have watermelon after having lunch or during the picnic time. Yet, most of us do not know that watermelon also consists of good nutrients to keep our body healthy. Though most of us love watermelon without knowing the nutrients, understanding all the nutrients that it has will be better for us.

Health Benefits of Watermelon


Facts about the health benefits of watermelon

The first fact about the health benefits of watermelon is that it contains a lot of good nutrients for our body. It can give us calories, fats, sodium, carbohydrate, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. All these nutrients are needed to be consumed by our body. Also, we can get niacin, thiamine, vitamin B-6, magnesium, riboflavin, potassium, manganese, selenium, choline, folate, copper, zinc, and lycopene. The nutrients of watermelon can cut the risks of several diseases. First, it can prevent asthma. Some studies show that people with asthma history who consume watermelon can get themselves lower the asthma. The main nutrient that helps in reducing the asthma risk is vitamin C. It is not commonly known that watermelon also consists of vitamin C because we often refer to some fruits like oranges and tomatoes when we think about vitamin C sources. For people with blood pressure problem, the nutrients in watermelon can lower the ankle of their blood pressure. The extract of watermelon can improve the arterial functions too. The next fact about the health benefits of watermelon is that cancer can be prevented too. It is because of the fact that watermelon consists of antioxidant and vitamin C that are strong in combating free radicals formation. The free radicals as we all know are the cause of cancer.

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The health benefits of watermelon for our body functions

Our body always conducts several functions every day. Some of the functions that are done daily are digestion, respiration, and secretion. Watermelon consists of good nutrients that support some of those functions. First, due to its fibre and water content, watermelon supports the process of digestion so that we can be free from constipation risk. The fibre and the water create regularity in the process of secretion too. Also, watermelon consists of water and electrolyte that can prevent us from dehydration. Watermelon is good to help us reduce chronic inflammation too. it is because of the choline that is loaded in watermelon. Choline helps us to sleep, to learn and to memorize things, also to make muscle movements. Besides, vitamin A in watermelon that is needed in the process of sebum production can keep the moisture of our hair. Now, after these explanations we understand more about the health benefits of watermelon for our body, so that we had better consume watermelon more in our daily life.

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