Health Benefits of Walnuts: The King of Nuts

Get the health benefits of walnuts. This kind of nuts is called as the king nuts. Walnuts have many healthy properties which are useful for the body health. 

All of us want to stay healthy so that we consume various kinds of foods or supplements, but most of us have no idea about the health benefits of walnut for our body. It is actually a simple thing to get and to consume, but modern people like us often neglect it. Now, we are harmed by many kinds of diseases that are caused by different factors. It is claimed that one of the most influential factors is  the foods that we consume. Basically, the main purpose of eating foods is giving sufficient nutrients for our body so that we can stay healthy. Yet, as modern people who are always busy with our everyday life activities, it means more than just giving the nutrients for our body. On the other hand, we want something delicious that can satisfy both our tongue and stomach. We spend much money on those foods, but we never get ourselves closer to the word “healthy”. Thus, before choosing the best menu to have, we had better read the following facts about walnuts benefits.

Do you like consuming nuts? Did you know that nuts can be the perfect food for your health? The simplest diets often are good for the health, and this is suited for the nuts, including in which the God has already created the best package of healthy fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants, plant sterols, and many minerals and vitamins. From the facts above, we can know that the health benefits of walnuts are many. Among the types of the nuts, walnuts can be the good candidate which can boost your health. Consuming one ounce of walnuts, that is approximately seven walnuts, per day can deliver the benefits of the walnuts.

Health benefits of walnuts for our body

The health benefits of walnutsJust like other natural products like vegetables and fruits, walnuts also contain a lot of good nutrient that can support our health. It contains a lot of antioxidants. As we know that antioxidants are good in keeping us healthy because it can fight against free radicals. It can be said that we get better immune when we get much antioxidants. Also, the antioxidants that we get from the walnuts are rare and powerful. It contains tannin tellimagrandin, quinonejeglone, and many other nutrients. Moreover, walnuts have a lot of omega 3 fat, manganese, biotin, copper, and molybdenum. When we consume walnuts we can get protein, carbohydrate, and fats too. These nutrients that we get from walnuts lead us to the health benefits of walnuts. Of course, all of the nutrients can help our body stand any kinds of diseases.

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The health benefits of walnuts to cope with health problems

We have to realize that there are so many kinds of diseases that can harm our life. Expert says that it is a matter of obeying the rules. Moreover, experts say that the risks of any health problems are caused by the bad eating habits. Thus, we have to start thinking about consuming walnuts so that we can enjoy the health benefits of walnuts. First, walnuts can help in recovering from type 2 diabetes. It can help the metabolism process of our body. Moreover, as walnuts consist of antioxidants that can help us combat all kinds of free radicals. Walnuts are also good in helping patients with heart diseases and any kinds of cardiovascular problems.  If we have problem with obesity, we will get the problem solved too only by consuming walnuts. Even, walnuts are good in overcoming stress that we may experience during our daily activities.

Amazing Walnuts Health Benefits

Walnuts can be categorized as the nut which belongs to family of tree nut. Besides walnuts, there are hazelnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, pecans, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, and pistachios. Each of the nuts has its unique nutritional properties. About one quarter walnut cup, for example, contain more than one hundred percent of daily recommended number of omega 3 fats. This kind of nut also contains high amount of manganese, copper, biotin, and molybdenum. Because of many healthy nutrients, it can be known that walnut has many benefits for boosting the health.

  1. Containing Properties for Fighting Cancer

The first health benefit of walnuts is providing the healthy properties which can fight the cancer. Walnuts can be beneficial to decrease not only the prostate cancer risk but also the risk of breast cancer. There was a study which reported that mice which ate the 2.4 ounces of whole nuts for eighteen weeks had the little chance of getting prostate tumors. Besides that, the prostate tumors were also gotten slower toward the mice that ate the walnuts compared to the group of the mice that did not eat the walnuts regularly. Based on the study, diet of whole walnuts can decrease the growth of prostate cancer around 30 percent up to 40 percent. There was also another study which reported that four handful of walnuts can get rid of the breast cancer risk in half.

  1. Boosting Heart Health
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The second walnut benefits for health is improving your heart health. Walnuts provide the amino acid i-argine that gives multiple vascular advantages to patients with the heart disease, or for those who have the high risk of heart disease because of risk factor of multiple cardiac. If you have suffered with herpes, you need to limit or avoid consuming walnuts. The high amount of arginine could deplete the acid, especially amino acid lysine that could trigger the recurrences of herpes. The healthy properties inside walnuts can be acted as the natural medication for treating any diseases. Just consume this nut and get the advantages.

This kind of nuts also provides alpha linolenic acid, also known with ALA or the plant-based omega 3 fats. This kind of acid preserves an anti-inflammatory and it can be used to prevent the pathological blood clots formations. There was a research that reported that people who consumed the diets with high of ALA have the smaller risks to suffer the dangerous and fatal heart attack. Besides that, the diets can also lower the cardiac death risks. You can consume 4 walnuts per day and you will get the positive effect especially in raising your level of the blood in heart. Besides that, consuming the walnuts also improve your health, especially decreasing the cholesterol levels. Another study also showed that eating an ounce of walnuts per day can lower the risks of cardiovascular. It means that if you consume the walnuts regularly; you will save your life long lasting.

  1. Preserving Powerful and Rare Antioxidants

The third health benefit of walnuts is providing the great amount of antioxidants. Did you know that antioxidants are very important for your health? The area unit of antioxidants is crucial enough for the health. Antioxidants are believed to aid the management of age by tackling the free radicals. The area unit is at the guts of deterioration which is related to age. Walnuts has many powerful and distinctive antioxidants in which the area unit is ingested diets, including the tannic acid tellimagradin, compound of juglone, and flavonol morin. Walnuts also contains polyphenols which help the body to stop chemical injury which is induced the liver.

There is another research which was conducted with the bats. The bats which consumed the walnuts have the potent power of inhibitors. The property which is contained in the walnuts, polyphenols, had the effectualness among bats which are tested and the activity of lipoprotein bound inhibitor. The area unit of walnuts is rich in polyphenol antioxidants which bind to the lipoporteins which will inhibit the aerobic processes which lead to arteriosclerosis. Based on the study, walnuts can also be beneficial to increase the epithelial tissue perform, cut the inflammation back, and boost the lipoid profile. All happens if there is no weight gain which inflicts.

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The reasons why you need to consume walnuts

Why you shall consume the Walnut? You will not be upset when you consume all type of nuts, including walnuts. You are in the right path if you choose walnuts as the part of your diet plan as long as you need to pay attention of the walnuts quality. It means that you should make sure that your walnuts are raw and organic not pasteurized, irradiated, or coated in sugar. Here are some reasons which can make you to consume the walnuts.

  • Boosting Brain Health

The fourth health benefits of walnuts are making your brain healthy. Walnuts can be grouped as the great source of neuroprotective compounds which include folate, vitamin E, omega 3 fats, antioxidants, and folate. There is a research which showed that this kind of nuts can be consumed to support the health of the brain, in particularly improving inferential reasoning of teenagers. Another study also showed that eating high portion of antioxidants diet, like walnuts can lower the increased vulnerability of axidative stress which happen in aging. Besides that, it also improves the span of the health and enhances the motor and cognitive functions.

  • Weight Control

The fifth walnut benefits for health is controlling the weight. You can add healthful walnuts into your diet plan. Walnuts can be used to control and maintain the ideal weight. Based on the review of 31 tests, people who consume walnuts substituted other foods will reduce their weight up to 1,4 pounds. Besides that, their waists were also lost about a half an inch.

  • Treating Diabetes

The sixth health benefits of walnuts are treating the diabetes. Walnuts contain dietary fats which can increase the metabolic parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes. Adults who have overweight and suffer type 2 diabetes can consume one quarter cup of whole walnuts a day. By consuming the nuts regularly, the insulin levels will be reduced significantly compared to the type 2 diabetes patients which do not consume walnuts.

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