Health Benefits of Tea

Health benefits of tea are very nutritious for our bodies. Tea is a beverage that has been around long in this world. There are many versions of the tea was first discovered. One of the most famous is the story from china, tea was discovered accidentally when someone was boiling water and there were some tea leaves flew into the cauldron. Until finally the boiled water that filled by the tea leaves known until now. Currently, there is a lot of tea with different variations. With the advances of technological tea can be a beverage that has a lot of flavor and of course tea today has a variety of packaging. Bottled tea even now has a very long durability. Unlike like the days of old, where the tea should be consumed on the spot after the tea is served. Tea that is not taken directly will become stale and dangerous to health. Antioxidants content in tea can change and can increase levels of stomach acid that can cause abdominal pain.

Health Benefits of Tea

Tea leaf

The real health benefits of tea can we get if we consume the original tea. Bottled tea is usually mixed with preservatives so that the natural ingredient in tea has been lost. The tea has too many preservatives can also cause liver damage if too much it is consumed. If you want to get the real health benefits of tea, avoid too often drinking instant tea. Instant tea has been mixed with chemicals and through various treatment processes. Select the original tea that brewed in the traditional way because this tea has better nutrients that good to our body.

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The health benefits of tea to our body

Protects the body from free radicals

Tea naturally has many nutrients that are good for health. Tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that can help ward off free radicals in the body. People who consume tea regularly have better endurance than those who rarely consume tea. More polyphenol contained in black tea. Polyphenols also been shown to repair damage to DNA.

Maintain digestive health

Tannins and phytochemicals content that exist in tea has a restorative effect on the digestive tract. The effect will make the sewerage system becomes more fluent and eventually also helpful in maintaining a healthy digestive system. The tips do not drink tea on an empty stomach.

Preventing cancer

With the antioxidants that contained on the tea, it will help the body preventing cancer. This is the best health benefits of tea.

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