Health benefits of swimming

Health benefits of swimming are so many for psychological and physical. Swimming is one sport that is very good for the body. Swimming also can be an exercise that is liked by many people because swimming is very effective for burning fat. And one of the other factors that make people love this sport swimming is no sweat. People are reluctant to exercise because of spending too much sweat and make some people feel uncomfortable. However, unlike the case if they were swimming. Playing in the water for hours is not going to make the body sweat. People will feel happy because indirectly they can play water so that everyone will be doing swimming happily and without coercion. Psychologically, swimming can make people feel happy in doing sports. Surely this makes anyone love swimming.
In addition to sporting the most preferred, by doing this exercise we can get the health benefits of swimming.

Health benefits of swimming

Some Health benefits of swimming

• Establish and strengthen muscles

Water density 12 times is greater than air, making every movement of the body in the water as if passing through a bottleneck. This is what makes the pool have the same intensity as aerobics. One study found that a person who completed the program during the 8-week swimming training increase muscle mass by 23.8% triceps. Moreover, swimming rapidly in a rhythm can improve three things: cardio endurance, strength, and muscle endurance.

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• Improving heart health

The efficiency of the heart to pump blood around the body can be increased by swimming regularly. It can swim against the risk of coronary heart disease because the heart muscles will be stronger. People who swim a lot healthier than people who do other sports as swimming are a tough sport. If the heart is accustomed to doing strenuous exercise, the heart muscle will be stronger and not prone to heart attack.

• Burn calories

Just to swim for half an hour, you can burn 200-300 calories, depending on the intensity and style that you do. Tip: To burn more calories, do interval training. Swim over backwards as far as 50 meters, and then rest for 10 seconds. Then swim again as far as 100, 150-300 meters while interspersed rest for 10 seconds at each checkpoint.

• Prevent stress and depression

Similar to yoga, swimming is happening during stretching and relaxation of the muscles accompanied by rhythmic breathing technique. That is why swimming can help prevent the symptoms of stress. Swimming can release endorphins, anti-stress hormone. That’s the health benefits of swimming.

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