Health Benefits of Spirulina

Health benefits of spirulina may be obtained in many ways. Spirulina is a blue-green algae that rich sources of nutrients essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. Green algae have long been used to improve endurance and physical fitness is beneficial for health. Even it also used as the food the astronauts who traveled outer space. Efficacy of spirulina plant is also very much. Spirulina is microscopic green algae bluish whose life is widespread in all ecosystems, including terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are either freshwater, brackish water, or seawater. Spirulina is made of a type of blue-green algae that since decades been used as a health food through research conducted by experts around the world. The green color found on this plant showed levels of chlorophyll content that serves as washing in the body. The blue color indicates the presence of zinc that is needed for blood formation.

alternative natural foods that meet nutrition spirulina for our body are because its nutrient content is very complete and very rich. For example, calcium in spirulina 3 times higher than animal milk, iron 3 times more than spinach. And in addition, Spirulina contains only 5% fat is different from most sources of protein and low in calories. And in 10 grams of Spirulina contains only 36 calories and almost no cholesterol, while other sources of protein in fat, calories, and high cholesterol. So, these are health benefits of spirulina.

health benefits of spirulina

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Health benefits of spirulina is surprising!

  • Formation of red blood cells

Iron is needed for red blood cell formation and the immune system. Today the iron contents in the diminishing the human body are especially in women, children and the elderly. Lack of iron will cause anemia. Spirulina contains high iron. Spirulina iron is easily absorbed by the human body because of the pigment blue known as phycocyanin. Spirulina iron two times more easily absorbed than the substance iron contained in vegetables and meat. Iron content is very high in Spirulina is very useful for prevent and treat anemia.

  • Regulate the body’s metabolism

Protein is needed at all for human growth because it serves to regulate the body’s metabolism. Protein on spirulina is much larger than the various sources of protein contained by other food types. Proteins are found in animals can be a cause of cancer. Instead of protein from plants serve as a deterrent, especially breast cancer, prostate, heart disease, diabetes and menopause symptoms. That is the health benefits of spirulina.

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