What are the Health Benefits of Quinoa?

The health benefits of quinoa have been recognized by many people. Quinoa is known for healthy seed containing protein and fiber. Usually it is used to make flour, pasta, and the like. It is also popular among dieters because a half cup of quinoa serving only contains more or less 110 calories with neither saturated or Trans fats contained. Quinoa is also high in protein, mineral, and vitamin. Here are the details of the health benefits of this kind of grain.

health benefits of quinoa


Medical or Health Benefits of Quinoa

Many people with different kinds of health problems such as headache and cardiovascular problem consume quinoa every day. It is because this special seed contains not only protein and fiber but also calcium and antioxidants. Due to the health benefits of Quinoa, this seed becomes a favorite for many people. The protein contained in quinoa is very complete. There are nine essential amino-acids which help promote growth and repair damaged tissue. Moreover, quinoa is very high in fiber so it is good for people who suffer from constipation. Quinoa also has good calcium and magnesium. Calcium is an important element for people who need supplements. Meanwhile, calcium relaxes blood vessels and enhances cardiovascular health. As blood vessels are relaxed, you will be able to get rid of mild headaches or migraine. Quinoa is also good to prevent cancer because it can serve as an antioxidant. Due to the many health benefits of quinoa, quinoa dishes become very popular. It is not only good for adults but it can be consumed for children and elderly.

Quinoa for diabetes

Can diabetics eat quinoa is an important question for all people with diabetes. We all know that this grain has a high nutritional value because it contains many vitamins and minerals, but diabetics needs to know the glycemic load of quinoa and so the impact on their blood sugar.

It is easier to manage your diabetes when you choose foods with a lower glycemic index. Quinoa is a non-animal complete protein and therefore popular among vegetarians. The concept of glycemic load describes the (glycemic index and quantity of carbohydrate in a meal.

People with diabetes have problems with their blood sugar levels. Quinoa can reduce these blood sugar levels by 10%. An additional benefit of this grain is that it lowers the total cholesterol by 26%.

If you have diabetes, it is important to pay attention to your diet. Jonas is a diabetic from birth. So it is necessary to daily check his blood sugar levels and of course he needs to follow a healthy diet.

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Jonas likes quinoa very much. Even though he has diabetes, yet he may eat quinoa. This cereal has a low glycemic index. So his blood will not increase excessively. His friends at school. His friends at school and in the neighborhood know that he has diabetes and now they understand why their friend is not allowed to enjoy many sweets. Because of his diabetics, he knows a lot about healthy foods. He realizes which products he may eat and which foods he should avoid.

Fortunately, he can eat quinoa, because quinoa has a lot of healthy benefits, even though he has diabetes.

Quinoa safe for diabetics

His friends sometimes tease him, but they will never bully him. Patrick, his best friend, says that quinoa is very unhealthy and that people with diabetes aren’t allowed to eat it. Jonas can not be fooled by this wrong information because he already knows all the dangers of diabetes.

He has learned from his mom exactly what he can eat without having problems with his blood sugar levels. Quinoa has many healthful benefits. It stimulates the functioning of the brains. I can see that quinoa isn’t often on your menu, he says laughing to his friend. I’ll give some great quinoa breakfast recipes to your mom, although I think your brain is hopelessly lost.

Quinoa protein for hair care

Loaded with proteins and vitamin E quinoa helps for natural hair growth, because vitamin E take care of your production of natural oils. Hydrolyzed quinoa is often used in hair care products. It improves the quality by protecting your follicles and it also strengthens your hair shaft.

Quinoa contains many essential amino acids to repair hair and stimulate growth. It works great to treat dandruff due to important minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus. The tyrosine in quinoa helps to produce melanin which is responsible for hair color.

Because it is a complete protein and contains all of the essential 8 amino acids, hydrolyzed quinoa has an enhanced ability to assist in the repair, protection and conditioning of your hair. Hair treated with hydrolyzed quinoa is stronger and is less damaged.

I’m sure you’ve already read a lot about the many healthy benefits of quinoa: gluten-free, hight protein, hypoallergenic, low carbs and low glycemic index, making it an ideal food for diabetics and vegetarians. This grain is a great choice for nutritious recipes, even for weight loss.

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Recently this lovely seed is discovered by the cosmetic industry to use in their products. Research has shown that hydrolyzed quinoa repairs hair and even promotes hair growth. This great grain also protects your hair.

Quinoa for hair growth

Consumption of quinoa on a regular basis gives your hair a shiny look. It provides nourishment to your cells including our hair follicles, which is essential for our hair growth. It is also needed for a healthy nervous system and for the formation of red blood cells which promotes hair growth.

The minerals of quinoa like calcium, iron and phosphorus make dandruff disappear and ensure healthy hair grow. Quinoa also seals split ends and the vitamin E in this grain reduces the breakage due to tangling. Finally it helps to maintain your original hair color.

Quinoa for weight loss

Quinoa may helps you to losing weight naturally. This grain is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and it makes you feel fuller Quinoa is also low on the glycemic index and relatively low in calories. All those healthy benefits makes quinoa a popular weight loss food.

Quinoa is high in iron and vitamin B12, which are both essential for energy production and losing weight. The protein and fiber make you feel faster satisfied. This is very helpful for vegetarians trying to lose weight. Quinoa is low on the glycemic index (35). So it prevents craving for sugar or simple carbohydrates. Finally this grain is low in calories (172). All these quinoa benefits makes this seed an ideal and nutritious choice for your weight loss diet plan.

When you’re looking for low glycemic index, high proteins and low calories, you’ll often find websites talking about quinoa, because it’s a complete food with many healthy benefits.

Quinoa diet weight loss

Mark would like to lose some weight, but feels it is important to make this happen in a healthy way. Here, the choice of a healthy diet is very important. As a vegetarian, his diet plan should also contain sufficient high protein. He asks for advice from a dietician who tells him all about the influence of glycemic index, counting calories and low carbohydrates diets to lose weight naturally. She advises to add quinoa to his diet, because this is a grain with many healthy benefits, more than only losing weight. Above all there are many quinoa recipes, even for breakfast.

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Mark knows oatmeal is a great choice, but his relieved and very excited to try new food like quinoa.

Quinoa helps weight loss

How to lose weight in a healthy way is a subject that fortunately more and more people are interested in. Losing weight quickly often has only a temporary effect. Mark was surprised that many of his friends have never heard of the health benefits of quinoa. He tells them that quinoa also is a naturally food that helps for weight loss. Healthy food is essential for a good diet plan, but don’t forget to exercise regularly to burn fat.

Now he is fully convinced of the qualities of quinoa, he should just start looking for varied recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With this fantastic grain can even desserts can be placed on a diet plan.

As a conclusion this is a super seed with a low glycemic index and little calories. Don’t forget that’s also a high protein making it a great choice for vegetarians.

How to Prepare Quinoa Breakfast

Just like other kinds of grain, quinoa is perfect for breakfast. Making quinoa breakfast is simple and it does not take much time so everyone can enjoy the health benefits of quinoa every single day. You know, people usually don’t have much time for breakfast preparation in the morning as they want to get rush for work. Based on a survey, fifty percents of working people miss their breakfast. In fact, breakfast is the most important meal they are not supposed to miss.

First of all, prepare a cup of quinoa. Wash it and put it into a pot. Pour a cup and a half of water into the pot and boil it. After that, turn of the stove. Check the quinoa for taste and texture. If it is undercooked, it will be too hard. You may need to try several times to finally able to make this simple breakfast.  Instead of using conventional standard pan, you can use a steamer pan which can handle any cooking much faster. But, don’t cook it too long. Overcooked grain is texture less. You can look for recipes from the internet. There are endless recipes to try. Some websites provide a list of simple recipes yet healthy and tasty. It is even better to download some videos, The most important thing is you can get all of the health benefits of quinoa even in a hectic Monday morning.

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