Health Benefits of Potatoes

Health benefits of potatoes, do you know that? Potatoes are a staple food for most people. Potatoes are also a good source of carbohydrates for the body. People who do not consume rice typically consume potato as an alternative food. Potatoes have a lot of content that could be beneficial to the body.

Plant which is one type of tubers can be grown in all types of soil. His ability to store food reserves potatoes has a high nutrient content. The root of this plant is to store food reserves for plants and we can also eat this part. The content of carbohydrates and other nutrients can be found at the potatoes. And usually for processing potatoes is not too troublesome. Potatoes are usually consumed with boiled and served with other complementary foods. Potatoes can be processed into other types of food, such as potato chips, French fries and other foods.

Health Benefits of Potatoes

Besides being used as a staple food, potatoes also have health benefits to our body. These are health benefits of potatoes.

• Rich in fiber

Potatoes are one of the foods that are rich in fiber so it is often recommended for people who have thin bodies and want to gain weight without making you fat. And conversely, potatoes can also be used as a measure of the calories that you will waste when you are planning a diet program.

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• Fighting the disease

Because a lot of fiber, potatoes are very friendly to the digestive system so as to prevent the problem occurs in the digestive system. Potatoes also help in reducing the risk of getting cancer and also research to fight cancer if the potatoes well.

• Good for diabetics

Diabetics really need to be blood sugar levels. Potato is a food that can increase blood sugar levels and of the research that has been done there are no side effects on diabetics.

• For skin care

Potatoes are loaded with vitamin C which is very good for the body, especially the skin. Rubbing potato juice or used as a mask on the face makes your face beautiful and glowing. If the potato slices placed on it for about 30 minutes can be efficacious to eliminate swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

• Good for brain

Potatoes can support your health in performing daily activities. Potatoes are a good source of iron and zinc is also good for the brain. This one is the most important health benefits of potatoes.

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