Top Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

Health Benefits Of Pomegranate For Your Body. You must already know what is meant by pomegranate, but do you know the benefits of pomegranate? Pomegranate is a fruit that has the Latin name Punica granatum L and included in Punicacaeae family. Pomegranates originated from the Middle East and can grow at a height of 1000m. In addition to edible fruit, pomegranate is often planted in home gardens as an ornamental plant. Not many people know the benefits that we can take from the pomegranate. Did you know? Pomegranate has many benefits for human health. This fruit has many nutritional content and substance to the needs of the body such as alkaloids, pelletierene, granatin, betulic acid, ursolid acid, isoquercitrin, elligatanin, resins, triterpenoids, calcium oxalate, and starch contained in pomegranate skin.

Pomegranates are believed as ‘paradise fruits’ in the ancient cultures. The reason is not only due to their combination of juiciness and crunchiness but also due to their nutritional content making them so irresistible and tempting. Pomegranate is traditionally known as a health symbol with some herbal and Ayurvedic medicinal scriptures showing their benefit as one of the best natural remedies. Actually there are top health benefits of pomegranate that we will share in this article and you can find all of them as following.

Health Benefits of Pomegranates Can Cure Some Diseases

Health Benefits Of PomegranatePomegranate fruit pulp is usually used for weight loss, treat intestinal worms, mouth sores, sore throat, hoarseness, high blood pressure, frequent urinary and abdominal bloating. Here’s disease or mild symptoms that are often experienced by humans which is can be cured of thehealth benefits of pomegranate.

  1.      Frequent urination

If you have experienced symptoms of frequent urination, then you recommended to consume a pomegranate. How? Take the contents of pomegranate fresh and ripe, and cut enough. Boil pomegranate pieces with four cups of water and residue it for half of that, remove and let cool. Drink pomegranate which has boiled water in twice a day, each three-fourths cup.

  1.      Thrush

If you experience swelling of the lips or tongue injuries, then there is no wrong with you consuming pomegranate. Just take couples of fresh pomegranates which are ripe. Take the main pomegranate and the seeds, then mash it until smooth. Add a water in one cup, stir thoroughly and filtered. Use the results water to rinse your mouth and utterly defeat. Do that routine in twice a day until you got healed.

  1.      Cough

Your cough has lasted a long time and did not recover? Take young pomegranate or not yet ripe. Every night before you sleep, chewing the pomegranate seeds. After that, do not swallow it and remove the seeds.

  1.      Hoarseness and sore throat

You have problems with your throat or voice? Take a fresh pomegranate, cut it, and take the its contents. Chew it and do not forget to remove the seeds. Do it two or three times a day.

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Three Health Benefits of Pomegranate to Fight against Disease

Pomegranate is kind of fruit having thick skin and containing a red seed mass with many juices. It is kind of natural or herbal source that give high benefits for human consuming it. It brings a lot of nutrients in which they are very crucial and vital for your body. Functioned as medicine, it is a wonderful source working properly as well as common medicine against disease. There are wide-range pomegranate health benefits to absorb inside your body.

  1. Inner Body Medication

Pomegranate has been proven as an amazing super food. Its seed that is like jewels is useful for medicine purposes since long time ago. It is packed with powerful vitamins and antioxidants so you can predict the nutritional health benefits of pomegranate. In this case, such red fruit is known to be a medication for any ailment. Antioxidants existing in pomegranate are important to prevent heart disease and free-radical effect. Also, it is a good source to prevent cholesterol oxidation causing coronary artery development and plaque formation. It helps menopausal flashes, stomach upsets, conjunctivitis, hemorrhoids, osteoarthritis, triggers the immune system, lowers your blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and reduces inflammation. More benefits from the peel is that it is good for blood vessels and the heart; the white membrane can be the best way to stop ulcers of throat and mouth and it works well for wounds. Such fruit can also strengthen your brain and cleanse your blood and body from toxins.

  1. Lung and Cancer Medication

More health benefits of pomegranate against disease can be seen by its function to prevent cancer. Most kinds of cancer from breast cancer, to prostate cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer can be prevented and treated by this wonderful fruit. This delicious-fruit property can also be attributed to polyphenol antioxidant presence inside. Many studies have found that consuming pomegranate juice means inhibiting tumor cells growth and inducing natural death to them. Particular compounds inside the fruit contain anti-inflammatory source contributing to its property of anti-cancer.

  1. Alzheimer’s Prevention

Have you imagine stuck on certain road and forgotten the place you live? It is actually what so-called Alzheimer occurring at bay. If you want it not happen to your real life, use pomegranate as a part in your daily diet. Most researchers suggest pomegranates has crucial role in preventing and treating Alzheimer disease. Based on the study that has been conducted by Hartman pomegranate juice decreases the accumulation and deposition of amyloid within the brain’s hippocampus region by 50% that is considered for an improvement of Alzheimer disease.

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More Health Benefits of Pomegranate That Are Good for Human

  • Longevity Treatment

Health benefits of pomegranate are various in any side what human like. Based on Chinese herbology, pomegranate juices is good for longevity treatment. In antioxidant extract of pomegranate cosmetic and modern science agree product’s topical application which contains ruby fruit will keep wrinkles. It is available in variants of massage oils, ant-aging product, toners and masques. One of a companies specializing in beauty products that is all natural produces a lot of pomegranate products which have been exported all over the world. The oil is really rich punicic acid source and it is so powerful antioxidant helping fight wrinkles. If you haven’t know what punicic acid is, it is an omega-5 fatty acid which has been known to improve your skin elasticity and tone. Using such product is absolutely suggested because in our daily life, we expose our face to the harmful pollutants and sun rays.

  • Immune System Support

If you are interested in health benefits of pomegranate, this one is an excellent food source which can boost your immunity. Being rich with compounds of inflammatory, it is extremely healthy to consume for whoever that suffers disorders related to immune such as osteroarthrits and rheumatoid arthritis. Enriched with vitamin C it can boost your immunity development and antibody production. This fruit is also helpful in maintaining the immune system of human and staving of infections and common illness.

  • Digestive System Maintenance

To keep you always healthy a lot of health benefits of pomegranate are exposed by many researches. If you can keep the health of your digestive system, you have to include food sources which are rich of fiber. However, our busy life and personal preference to junk food makes the fiber goodness of vegetables and fruits deprived from us. Consuming a pomegranate in our daily live is a great way to give a lot of fiber addition in our daily diet. By consuming only one of it can fulfill 45% of daily fiber intake which is recommended, about 20-35 g.

  • Keep Your Look Younger

Naturally, all humans will have aging problems as well as the increase of their age. This condition makes them loss what they have in their body when young both physically and mentally. Their look will change due to ageing and this will reduce confidence. Actually the problems of ageing are caused by free radical effecting to your cells. There are polyphenol compounds found in pomegranates working as wonderful antioxidants to delay the ageing process. Also, eating pomegranate can keep human skin radiant and glowing for long time. Therefore, you are really recommended to eat such fruit for the ageing solution.

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Based on some facts above, pomegranate should be considered as your part of diet every day due to health benefits of pomegranate. The benefits are rich including most parts that are interesting such as excellent medication, well-working prevention, better health and more others. You can feel all of the benefits from outer appearance to inside of your body because of the benefit complexity. Because they are an herbal source, consuming them to add in your diet will not give any side effect or it is truly safe.

The health benefits of Pomegranate which is contained in pomegranate skin

Not only that pomegranate can provide a lot of the nutrients and vitamins for a healthy body, but the skin of pomegranates also has many benefits that can cure several serious diseases. Pomegranate skin is usually used to treat abdominal pain, among others, worms, defecate bleeding and mucus (dysentery amoeba), chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids bleeding such as bleeding, vomiting blood, coughing up blood, uterine bleeding, rectal bleeding, rectal prolapse, inflammatory throat, ear inflammation, vaginal discharge (leukorrhea), and abdominal pain. If you are experiencing interference whitish, then all you have to do is boil the dried pomegranate skin in 30g and dried the bitter herbs for 15 g with clean water in one litter. Let it to boil the water and leave it into half. After cool, strain it and drink for to three times; morning, afternoon, and evening. Water results of this stew can be used to wash the vagina. Especially for women who are already married, use the water results into the vagina with a syringe.

Have you already understand the health benefits of pomegranate? If you already understand the importance of health and prevention of serious diseases, you do not have to feel hesitate to consume pomegranates that have been proven effective to cure various diseases. Drink pomegranate juice on a regular basis then you will always looks fit and healthy.

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