Health Benefits of Organic Food and Fermented Food

Health benefits of organic food have triggered the agriculture industries to produce more organic products of their own. This phenomenon results the fast development in the whole systems of these industries such as production, processing, packaging, and distribution to provide the best organic food in the market. For the consumer, of course it is such good news. This development will create the easy access for them to this kind of food, so, getting the benefits of it becomes more possible. And talking about benefits, there are several health benefits that offered by the organic product. So, if you want to know more about it, the further explanation will be presented below.

Health Benefits of Organic Food

Health Benefits of Organic Food for Human Body

Firstly, organic food is the great source of antioxidants. Some researches that focused on how the antioxidant from this food effect on the overall health of someone have shown interesting results. These results said that the antioxidant generated from organic food seems to work better than the one that is resulted from the ordinary food. Researchers believe that this phenomenon happen since food that is grew organically got minimum exposure to the foreign chemicals. Moreover, with the minimum contact of foreign chemical, this food will be able to prevent some serious disease such as heart disease, cancer, vision problem, early aging, and also cognitive malfunction.

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Secondly, organic food provides much better nutrition. Plus, it tastes better too. Several studies have proven this fact by their surprising results. These results say that organic products such as fruit and vegetables have 27% higher vitamin C than orange, 29.3% higher magnesium, 21.1% higher iron, 18% polyphenols, and have 13% more phosphorus. Moreover, organically-grew food also has lesser fat and minimum risk of getting prion brain and Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease.  Plus, by consuming organic soup, you will be able to get 600% more salicylic acid.

Lastly, the organic food also free from antibiotic resistance issue. As we all know, in the right dose, antibiotics may have benefits for our body to fight several diseases. But, when consuming it overly, it will definitely weaken our immune system. In the non-organic product production, there’s always possibility that the producer may feed their animals with extra dose of antibiotics. And if we consume this products, the antibiotics inside may flow to our body as well. Finally, based all these explanations, finally we can conclude that with all those goodness and such an easy access to get it, there is no reason for us to not taking health benefits of organic food.

Note These Health Benefits of Fermented Food

Health benefits of fermented food will be something that you got besides the tastier taste of consuming it. Moreover, if you suffer from the digestive problem, this kind of food also effectively helps you to reduce it. These are only a few things that you will get from consuming the food that is already fermented. It is because this food has rich and unique nutrients inside it that is created from the fermentation process. Therefore, after getting through this process, the food will give you many health benefits as followed.

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Health benefits of Fermented Food

Firstly, the fermented food will be beneficial for your health by inhibiting and destroy the pathogenic bacteria. After getting fermented, the food will create the numerous acidic compounds. These acidic compounds will effectively suppress the growth of harmful bacteria inside your body. This is why during the cholera and typhoid epidemic that happened in Europe in 1950s, people who consumed more sauerkraut have the lesser risk to be infected by these diseases than the ones who didn’t. This fact is also strengthened with a research by German scientist who results a fact that the lactic acid from sourdough bread is more effective to kill microbes than any other kinds of strains.

Second, it is also popularly known that fermented food is effective to add live microbes, the good ones, into the gut. These are the microbes that collectively called microbiome that can powerfully exert the strong effect to your body. The existence of these microbes in our body will be beneficial to reduce the risk of getting bowel and intestinal condition. It means that by consuming the fermented food, you will get the lesser risk of several health disorders such as ulceratives colitics, immune disorders, diabetes type 1 and 2, irritable syndrome of bowel, allergies, metabolic disease, and obesity.

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Lastly, it is commonly known that this food is used as medicine since a long time ago. The most popular one is the fermented cabbage. Before centuries, the Greeks have written the health benefits of consuming fermented cabbage. The Romans also used it to prevent and treat intestinal infections. While in other parts of Europe (Balkans and Russia), the fermented cabbage has been used in dietary menus. Moreover, this kind of cabbage is also popularly eaten by the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to help them keep their heath. Therefore, starting from now on, don’t be doubt in consuming this food. Besides it tastes better, you will also be able to get various health benefits of fermented food.

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