Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Health benefits of olive oil may reduce the risk of heart disease and other content contained in olive oil there are vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and much of the content contained therein.

Olive oil produced by the plant olives, olive oil is well known among the general public but still very few people use it because the price is quite expensive. The health benefits of olive oil itself are:

11 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Olive oil can reduce the risk of heart disease because it contains anti-oxidant vegetable that can reduce that risk by consuming olive oil is olive oil a day to drink as much as 2x tablespoons.

  1. Treating painHealth Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil can treat pain; olive oil contains substances that can prevent inflammation oleocantal so often in the community using olive oil as a topical medication such as drugs for wound opened blisters, swelling.

  1. Prevent Arthritis

Olive oil contains prostaglandins that are useful to address joint pain and bone loss, how to consume the drink olive oil regularly and applying olive oil to the joints – joints ache. Drinking olive oil should be regular so fragile porous bones will be coated and not easily fragile.

  1. Prevent Alzheimer’s
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Dementia often happens in our body due to deficiency of unsaturated fatty acids, and to meet the shortfall advisable to drink olive oil daily regularly, olive oil contains unsaturated fatty acids.

  1. Preventing diabetes

A lot of benefits of olive oil, olive oil can prevent a person has diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, consumption of olive oil every day in order to prevent the risk of diabetes.

  1. Preventing osteoporosis

To prevent osteoporosis and helps absorption of calcium optimally it is recommended to drink olive oil regularly and every day. Calcium absorption is less than perfect will result in bone loss.

  1. Treating Cancer

Olive oil contains extra virgin and substances, phenol substances can reduce cell damage while extra virgin substances act as antioxidants which can inhibit the cancer process and oleic acid can prevent tumor spread

  1. Maintaining healthy skin

Olive oil is perfect for dry skin nothing, because olive oil is able to keep the skin moist to wake up and look more radiant. It’s easy to apply olive oil on your skin during a shower, you will get maximum results

  1. Fertilizing hair and eliminate dandruff

Not only the skin and body olive oil also has benefits that are not less important is the hair growth and also removing dandruff, do I just mix the olive oil with the shampoo that you use and then rinse thoroughly.

  1. For digestive health
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Olive oil is known since ancient times and is known to improve digestive health naturally, how to consume sufficient daily consumption of olive oil on a regular basis.

  1. Maintaining healthy lips

The content of natural oils found in olive oil is able to maintain healthy lips, lips will not easily dry and broken – broken.

Described above are some of the benefits of olive oil, if something is done every day and on a regular basis then it will get the very maximum. There is no harm if the supply of olive oil at home. Always read the article about the health benefits of olive oil.

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