Health Benefits of Moringa

Health benefits of moringa can we feel when we process them into a vegetable or herb. Moringa is a plant that has many functions. The size of this plant can be very high, even up to 11 meters. Moringa tree has many functions, ranging from the leaves to the stems can be processed and used by humans.

Moringa rods are usually processed into wood for domestic purposes. In addition, many companies that make a musical instrument drum stick using moringa tree trunk. Kolr leaves are very small and neatly arranged in a trunk. It was green and fragrant odor. That’s why the moringa tree usually has a special aroma. The aroma of the leaves is also the reason why this tree can be processed into oil. Yes, some people utilizing Moringa leaves to be processed into a potion to cure the disease.

Health Benefits of Moringa

Besides can be used as useful items for humans, Moringa also has a function for health. This confirms that Moringa has great benefits for humans. Moreover, Moringa can also be grown throughout the year so we will not run out of material to be used as an herb.

These the health benefits of moringa.

• Roots

As the drugs in, the water decoction of the roots of Moringa can cure rheumatism, epilepsy, antiskorbut, diuretikum, and gonorrhea. The roots of the moringa plant is also known as the liquefying the urine, liquefying sputum or cough medicine, facilitating menstruation, enhancer and appetite suppressant seizures. Collisions can be made smooth Moringa root powder for stomach tapel in newborns, preventing skin irritation, skin disease drug, as well as traditional meds for the swelling of the disease beriberi and foot treatment for sore and weak.

• Leather Trunk

It is based on the research results, the stem bark of Moringa as an antidote to poison of snakes and scorpions. In addition, applying the tail stem bark extract can be overcome swelling, mouth sores, and tartar. The bark is used is young stem. Usually young stems can be peeled off easily and has little green liquid. This rod will help cure a variety of ailments.

• Fruit

Moringa fruit is known to contain alkaloids morongiona which stimulates the digestion of food. Moringa fruit can also be cooked into delicious vegetable acids.

• Flowers

Water boiled of moringa flowers can help to overcome sore throat, flu and intestinal worms. From all the part, we can get the health benefits of moringa.

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