Health Benefits of Lettuce

Lettuce is kind of vegetables which is included in the family of Compositae. Lettuce is usually used for salad or mixture food with other vegetables. There are people who consume this vegetable as medication to get the health benefits of lettuce. It has so much nutrients and fiber which is beneficial for the body. We can get this vegetable easily everywhere from traditional market to grocery store with inexpensive price.

health benefits of lettuce

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The Fresh Lettuce which Saves Thousand Health Benefits

The word lettuce is derived from ‘lactis’ in Latin means milk. The plant called Lactuca Saliva in Latin generally has various types. One of them is iceberg lettuce. It has crunchy texture with a dense and multilayered leaves. The next type of lettuce is lollo verde lettuce. It is also called as curly lettuce with soft vein leaves. This type of lettuce is often used for salad. Another various types of lettuce are lollo rosso lettuce which is in the same category with lollo verde, romaine lettuce which is well known for caesar salad, escarole which is often used for sandwich, radicchio with the dark red leaves, and butterhead lettuce with a slightly bitter taste. The following will talk about the health benefits of lettuce.

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Lettuce is mostly used for helping the diet process. This vegetable is usually mixed with other ingredients as main food during the diet due to the low fat content. In addition to many minerals contained in lettuce which are very needed for body, the health benefits of lettuce are able to treat severe class of disease such as to against cancer, lower cholesterol level, and neutralize toxin in the body. Lettuce contains of beta carotene which acts as antioxidant. It is beneficial for the health of our eyes and can treat cataract.

Other than some benefits explained above, the health benefits of lettuce also can be used by mothers to prevent the risk of womb defect because it has high vitamin K content which also takes role in blood formation. The vegetable came from Western Asia contains of vitamin C and folic acid which is able to improve fertility on the reproductive system of men and women as well as maintaining it well. However, the most important thing to do before eating lettuce is make sure that it is hygienic and free of bacteria by washing it properly first.

Lettuce is also very well-known and widely used all over the world. In South Korea, they have the traditional food by wrap the dish with lettuce called ssam or lettuce wrap. They use various types of lettuce, but most commonly used is lollo verde lettuce and sometimes lollo rosso with green and purple color is also used. In Indonesia, lollo verde lettuce is well known for lalap which is served with various raw vegetables, the dish, and chili paste. In India, some people take the pollen of lettuce to dilute sputum for bronchitis patients and to treat liver disorder. In Persia, mothers cook water lettuce for their children because they believe that the health benefits of lettuce can make their child healthy and strong.

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