Health Benefits of Lentils

Hiddent Health Benefits of Lentils  Do you know that lentils are one of the healthiestfoods? Yes, because they have high nutrition with low calories, high protein and low cholesterol. Plus lentils are low cost! If you are looking for food with really good qualities, or a food with high protein level but low cost, you can choose lentils. Let’s know more about lentils, start with 5 health benefits of lentils which will make you love this food even more!

The Benefits of Lentils

  1. Good for your heart

health benefits of lentils

The first health benefit of lentils is to provide everything heart requires to beat well. Lentils are really good for your heart. Why? This is because lentils have high fiber,folic acid, magnesium, and potassium. All of these are good for your heart. The fiber in lentils will reduce cholesterol level. You will also have cleaner arteries. Also, this is really good news about legumes. It can reduce coronary heart disease’s risk of death until 82 percent!


  1. Can increase your energy

[LENTILS] lentils for energy-healthy body

How can lentils increase your energy? It’s because lentils gave iron. Iron will supply oxygen to your body. Iron also is really good for your metabolism! So, by eat lentils, you’ll have extra energy that will support your daily activities. This is of course a healthier way to increase your energy.

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  1. Lowered risk of cancer

[LENTILS] lentils for cancer pink-ribbon_cancer

This third benefit in this 5 health benefits of lentils list is really good news for you who have anxiety about cancer and for those who are awareof the dangers of cancer. Lentils have selenium that is really good to detox the body from some substance that can cause cancer. Lentils also can lower the potential for colorectal cancer. Event it provides strong cancer prevention element as long as you consume it regularly with the right dosage.


  1. Good for pregnant women

[ENTILS]lentils for pregnancy-blog

If you’re pregnant, lentils are really a good food for the fetus. Lentils will prevent the birth defects because they have folate. You need to consume lentils before pregnancy. But it’ll be good if you do this at least a year before. By consuming just one cup of lentils, you will receive folate intake as much as 90% of the daily folate requirement. To consume lentils, you can use any method, but the best one is to get from a person who has experience in producing it.


  1. Good for Diet

Lentils Good for Diet

Are you on a diet program? Good news! One of benefits of lentils that can make any woman happy is that lentils are low calories. It’s a healthier way to maintain your diet program. Just cook one cup of lentils and you’ll get 230 calories. With this amount, you’ll feel full. This is a good food for your diet program. Also, lentils give you vitamins, protein, fiber, and minerals that are really good for your health!

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Now you already know about the benefits of lentils. Lentils are really a good food for your health and by consuming lentils your body will feel happy!

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