6 Health Benefits of Lemons Juice

Health benefits of lemons are abundant. Lemon fruit that has a taste so sour it has large benefits for health. According to research a glass of lemon juice contains 25 calories. Lemon is a rich source of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C and fiber. Lemon has therapeutic properties, which means it has properties that help the immune system. Lemon is also very good when it becomes an antiseptic to the body. Besides lemon also has the benefit of preventing a variety of diseases.

Health Benefits of Lemons JuiceĀ for Our Life

Lemon with a variety of benefits, the following is a summary of the health benefits of lemons Juice are very useful for everyday life:

  1. Health Benefits of Lemons JuiceLemon juice can be used to reduce fever, cough and flu. Lemon will work with in order to reduce the heat and sweat issued spur more and more. The nature of the lemon is rich in vitamin C will also help maintain immunity against the virus that causes coughs and colds. Another benefit of lemon is: they are also contains flavonoids that are used to fight the virus that will go into the body.
  2. A glass of lemon juice will greatly refresh your body. In addition, this drink will come in handy down the body temperature so that it still feels fresh as daylight.
  3. Sari lemon (lemon juice) is also useful for removing acne and removes acne scars. Lemon water will dry out pimples that appear. Lemon water will also remove acne scars because it contains acids that mesh serves to peel the dead skin the face, thus helping in regeneration of skin.
  4. Lemon also serves to prevent cancer. Lemon has 22 anti-cancer compounds. These compounds include limonene which serves to slow the growth of cancer, and flavones glycosides compounds that can stop cleavage cells in cancer cells.
  5. Lemon in addition to get rid of acne on the skin. Lemon is also a natural antiseptic. Lemon greatly help relieve hot when exposed to the sun is so hot. One part of the body stung by a bee, the lemon can be applied. They also will reduce the pain of illness due to the shock. Lemon can also help the skin’s moisture by mixing lemon and honey and applied to the skin.
  6. Best known is the lemon helps you lose weight. Consuming a solution of lemon juice and a spoonful of honey before meals will help facilitate bowel movements. Solution of lemon juice and a spoonful of honey are very suitable for those who are dieting.
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In addition to these things lemon also has other benefits such as to prevent high blood pressure and reduce the infection in the throat. These things are health benefits of lemons for our health needs. Lemon fruit can be found all around us.

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