Health Benefits of Kiwi

Health Benefits of Kiwi which can be obtained from the people who love to eat fruits with this unpleasant taste. First Kiwi fruit may be less well known and seem strange in the ears of many in Indonesia. But about the last 3 years and the beginnings of the global market, the fruit is starting to get in Indonesia. The fruit is native to China precisely in the area of Shaanxi. Maybe most people do not like this fruit because of the sour taste of this fruit has to offer. But if we process them into juice will probably be much more comfortable. There are two types of this fruit is kiwi green and gold kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit is not from the original gold from China but from New Zealand. There are many different kinds of health benefits of this fruit.

Various Health Benefits of Kiwi

Can prevent cancerHealth Benefits of Kiwi

Health Benefits of Kiwi that can prevent cancer. It has been examined by experts, if we consume kiwifruit every day it will be able to improve the level of DNA that can cause cancer.

Good for healthy heart

Can maintaining a healthy heart and can thin the blood.

Good for skin

Vitamins that are contained in the kiwi fruit is vitamin C which can help keep the skin to remain supple and healthy. And it can also improve skin antioxidant that appears brighter when we consume this fruit. It can establish the good bacteria in our body especially in our intestines.

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Good for blood

Kiwi fruit contains a lot of magnesium which serves as the control of blood pressure.

Good for pregnant women

Kiwi fruit is very good for pregnant women and good at eating fruit at breakfast because this one contains a lot of nutrients and can convert food into energy needed as energy. Vitamin C is contained in kiwi fruit can also be used as boost immunity.

Good for eye

Leutin compounds contained in these fruits can solve the problem in the eye that can prevent cataracts. Pregnant women experience a higher risk of cataracts than ordinary people who are not pregnant.

Can improve your mood

Should consume kiwi fruit every day is very good for our body. If you have a bad mood advised to consume at least two kiwifruit a day will make you a much better mood. That observation said kiwi fruit can improve your mood by Dr. Anitra Carr of the University of Otago.

Should you eat this fruit regularly or better every day eating fruit on this one. Make sure you keep your body consume fat fruit has benefits. Do not underestimate the fruit is small though but a lot of benefits. From the information you have read hopefully can be your reference in choosing healthy foods and has various health benefits of kiwi.

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