Health Benefits of Hummus

Health benefits of hummus we can get from this unique food. Many people who do not know these foods because these foods are very hard to find. In fact only in certain countries, If you like variety of culinary from Middle East, you must be familiar with the name of this food. Besides good for breaking after fasting, this food is also delicious eaten as a snack with plain bread. In the Middle East culinary, this food name is already familiar. Hummus comes from the Arabian name; some call it humus, humous, and also hummos.

This food is commonly used as a jam on plain bread that is made ​​from soy beans that mashed lentini, tahini, olive oil also, lemon juice, salt and garlic. No wonder the smell and taste of hummus delicious, savory and fresh. Hummus is one food that is quite ‘old’ because it was known to the people of Egypt since hundreds of years ago. Bi hummus tahini is believed to be the type of hummus that was first discovered. Many believe that this hummus comes from Damascus.

Health benefits of hummus

Two biggest health benefits of hummus

Although it looks simple, this hummus also contains vitamin C and iron that can maintain stamina and endurance. Not only is that, the content of folic acid, protein, and vitamin B6 also high. Nevertheless no less fiber content high so it is good for digestion and also for those who are undergoing a diet program. No wonder so many vegetarian who likes to eat hummus. The food is very tasty and has health benefits of hummus. Maybe this is the right time to know more about this food and start to eat this food to get the benefit. Two benefits you can get by eating hummus.

  • Good for breastfeeding women
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Hummus is a food made from beans, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. This is one food snack appropriate for nursing mothers. Beans and onions are foods that are also good for breastfeeding. Women who eat regularly topsoil will have good quality milk for the child’s development.

  • Rich in fiber

For people who want to have a slim body usually avoid carbohydrates. And usually they do not eat to get a slim body. However, hummus can be a proper meal because it contains a lot of fiber. Perfectly digestible fiber so you do not have to worry about eating hummus in large numbers. These are two health benefits of hummus.

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