Surprising Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Surprising health benefits of Greek yogurt, we have presented for your healthier body. If you want to have a better body health in an easy yet interesting way, having Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt will be a perfect choice for you. As a matter of fact, Greek yogurt will give more beneficial effects for your body. This creamy and tasty snack is good for you, especially if you want to lose your height. Greek yogurt is non-fat and has lower calories than any other yogurt. Moreover, it also has 40% lower levels of sugar. Besides it also has high protein that is more advantageous for your body health. Therefore, any other kind of yogurt has more sugar and might be less beneficial than Greek yogurt. This Greek yogurt has passed strained process that makes it creamy and delicious. As a matter of fact, Greek yogurt is not only good for losing weight. If you wonder other benefits of Greek yogurt for your body.

greek yogurt

Here are 5 surprising health benefits of Greek yogurt that you should know

  1. High of Protein

Greek Yogurt contains twice more protein rather than regular yogurt. Protein is one of the crucial substances that is needed by our body. Protein contains amino acids which is quite necessary to keep one’s body metabolism running well. Besides, protein can boost your energy and stabilize blood sugar levels. Food that has much protein is great for controlling weight since it will keep your stomach full longer. Plenty of protein is also needed to increase and build mass muscle.

  1. Good for Your Bones Health
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Greek yogurt is contain high levels of calcium. In fact, Greek yogurt has more than calcium to build and maintain your healthy bones. Greek yogurt contains much potassium, magnesium and phosphorus that can make your bones strong and healthy. Besides, Greek yogurt also contains Lactoferrin, an essential iron-binding protein which plays important role for your strong bones. Lactoferrin is good for boosting osteoblasts’ growth and increasing the formation of bones’ cells. Lactoferrin can also reduce 70% death rate of osteoblasts and also decrease the formation of osteoclast that can breakdown bone.

  1. Good for Digestive System’s Health

One of the popular benefits of Greek yogurt is it provides a kind of friendly bacteria named Probiotics. Probiotics will keep your digestive system healthy. Some researches show that probiotics can increase your healthy digestive tract. Probiotics can also boost your immune function so your body will be protected from any kind of diseases.

  1. Controlling Blood Pressure

The best way of controlling blood pressure is having a healthy diet. Some studies show that adding a Greek yogurt to your dietary program will help you controlling your blood pressure. National Heart, Lung and Blood Pressure Institute explains that consuming fruits and vegetables along with nonfat daily products, such as Greek yogurt, can help you lowering high blood pressure.

  1. After-workout Beneficial Food
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Another health benefit of Greek yogurt is it can be a healthy snack after hard workout. Protein contained in the Greek yogurt can help you to fix fiber damage as the effect of workout. Besides, amino acids in protein is beneficial for regenerating muscle tissue.

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