Health Benefits of Fasting

Health benefits of fasting have a double benefit because it could have implications for our physical and spiritual. Spiritually, we can draw us closer to God and make ourselves better. During fasting we must resist any temptation that could arouse our passions. By fasting, we expected to be a better person because we have become accustomed to not do things that are forbidden by the religion.

In particular during Ramadan, Muslims are required to perform fasting in accordance with Islamic law. The benefits of fasting are very much to the health of the body. This is because fasting is associated with the process of detoxification or removal of toxic substances from the body. Especially if the Ramadan fasting is done for 1 full month that can make the body become healthier. For one month we experience digestive cleansing process because of our diet more regularly. Surely this will make a more healthy digestion. In fact, some people think that fasting is described as the process of updating our digestion because after completion of fasting we have a digestive system that is like new newborn. This certainly extends our life expectancy.

Health benefits of fasting

These are health benefits of fasting.

• Improving the ability of the brain

Fasting can increase brain-derived neurotrophic, which helps the body to produce more brain cells, and ultimately may improve brain function. During fasting, the technique is not just hunger. But they are also trying to get all the worship that lived during fasting can be run perfectly. The trick is to always think positive and do positive things. Therefore, a fasting person must always have positive thoughts so that nerve in the brain would work equally. If you are fasting, try to always keep your worship so that psychology will also positively impact you.

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• Maintain a healthy heart

Fasting has a good impact on heart health, when fasting; the body did increase HDL and decrease LDL for a healthy heart and blood vessels. People who consume fast food more regularly and not just any snack anytime. This will make the work of the heart is lighter. You should know that the heart works harder when our digestive system works. The heart pumps more blood when the digestive system to digest food.

• Lowering cholesterol levels

On the fasting person there is a reduction in blood cholesterol levels. It is a good way to get health benefits of fasting.

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