6 Health Benefits of Exercise

Health Benefits of Exercise – There’s a quote from Jim Rohn saying ‘Take care of your body; it is the only place you have to live’. Yes, our body is like our home. It is the place where we live and we should take care of. One of the ways of keeping our body healthy is by doing exercise. Although we know exactly the importance of doing exercise, sometimes it is still hard to do.

Health Benefits of Exercise

Here are some of the health benefits of exercise that might motivate you to be active in doing exercise.

Losing body weight

A good way of losing your body weight is by doing exercise. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise that you choose anyway. As long as you do it frequently in a right way, that will reduce fat in your body. Besides, a 20 minutes of exercise per day, is much better than doing 200 minutes every week.

To relieve stress and anxiety

Some studies have shown that doing physical activity tends to make you more relaxed. Therefore, any kind of exercise will give an effect to your body and brain. Doing exercise can be proven changing your mood into a better one. Besides, doing sport also stimulates our brain to produce endorphin. Besides, another health benefit of exercise is reducing anxiety. Then, you will feel better after doing exercise.

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Nowadays, stress and anxiety become the biggest problem for many people. Work, life problem and lifestyle change many aspects of human life, and something it causes too many bad effects. Stress causes sleep disorder, bad orientation and finally trigger the bigger health issues.

Preventing Stroke and heart disease

Preventing stroke is one of the exercise health benefits. Doing physical activity can make someone and his body cells work actively. That is why a person who does exercise is 20-30% has lower risk of stroke. Therefore, physical activity also make blood flows better. Beside stroke, exercise also makes heart works better. Exercises can also preventing heart disease. In other words, exercise will train your heart and its organ to work better and healthier.

Preventing Cancer

One of health benefits of exercise to prevent cancer. Some researches show that people who regularly do exercise are 30% – 40% having lower risks of getting cancer, especially lung cancer and colon cancer. But of course you must obey the rule, no alcohol, no too much sugar and stay late at night.

Boosting Immune system

Exercise regularly make your body response faster to something harmful or disease. This is because your heart is getting stronger whilst your lungs are getting better too.

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Boosting your self confidence

Another health benefit of exercise is related to your mental and perception; that is self- esteem or self-confidence. When you have been doing exercise for several times and you realize that you achieve your target, this will make you happy and proud of yourself. This is also improving your perception about your attractiveness.

Those are 6 exercise benefits for our body, hope you enjoy it.

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