Health Benefits of Eggs

Health benefits of eggs are extremely diverse and have so many benefits for our bodies. Egg are frequent side dishes especially for breakfast. Children are also very pleased with this one side dish. Although the offer price is not as expensive as prepared foods like nuggets, it is very cheap for the size of the Indonesian people. But the vitamins contained in this side dish very much of the fast food is quite expensive in terms of price and vitamin content in fast food too little. There are various benefits of eggs which are very useful for the body.

The Health Benefits of Egg Are Very Diverse

For bone health

Health benefits of eggs are highly needed by the body for bone health is especially for a child’s bone growth and for adults useful for preventing bone loss. Calories in eggs also contained large enough so that for people who are afraid of fat should choose this one menu.

Good for metabolismhealth benefits of eggs

Choosing eggs because eggs contain little carbohydrate but high in calories so it can be your menu choice. The content of B2 is very useful for our body because it is useful as metabolism. The content of B2 is known as ribovalin.

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Can prevent cancer

To nourish our eyes as vitamin A are also in this one side dish. The health benefits of eggs varies all cancers can also be prevented by consuming these eggs on a regular basis. The content of choline found in eggs that can prevent cancer, especially breast cancer. Calcium and fosforzat also exist in these eggs. The content of both of these substances can make bones stronger.

Good for brain

The content of this one is very suitable for children and women who have menoupose. For infants aged one year and above the protein is needed, especially to the brain development with egg consumption can improve a child’s brain. Because the eggs contained a substance called choline and B-complex.

Good for women pregnant

In women who are pregnant side dish is also very important for the fetus in the womb. The fetus in the womb should receive enough protein for development. Pregnant women should increase the portion of protein and other vitamins in the body more than the ordinary women who are not pregnant. With regular egg consumption can improve brain development in the fetus at birth. In eggs also contained cholesterol but cholesterol is good for the body.

Eggs are everyday dishes contained in our respective homes. It is usually made as a simple menu for breakfast in the morning. But do not underestimate this one shadow side dish all the positive content that we can take in this side dish. If you’ve read this information should consume regularly. These are the sorts Health benefits of eggs.

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