Health Benefits of Eggplant

Health benefits of eggplant that we can enjoy to consume them regularly to make it a cuisine. Eggplant is a plant that comes into the category of berries is usually presented in the form of cooking. In some Asian countries, eggplant is presented in the form of foods. And unlike in some developed countries, eggplant usually served as a vegetable in salads and usually also serve as a complement certain foods. Eggplant has a long oval shape and resembles a cucumber. It is just a very dominant color purple on this vegetable. Eggplant has a lot of the nutrients needed by the body such as calcium, minerals, fiber, bioflavonoid and vitamin K. We may have often consumed these vegetables without knowing so much the efficacy of the eggplant vegetables. But unfortunately these vegetables are often avoided by most women because it supposedly can trigger vaginal discharge.

If around you there is a lot of supply of eggplant, do not waste this opportunity because you can get the health benefits of eggplant. Beside it can be cooked for food, eggplant also has many health benefits for the body.

3 Health Benefits of Eggplant

  • Maintain digestive health

    Health Benefits of Eggplant


Just like other vegetables, eggplant is a high source of dietary fiber. Fiber is important for digestive health and beneficial to smooth bowel movement. Fiber can also stimulate the secretion of gastric acid that facilitates the absorption of nutrients and digestion of food. Fiber is also often associated with a reduced risk of heart disease because it can help expel bad cholesterol that can clog arteries and veins, causing atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

  • Helps lose weight

Eggplant is a good food to help you in losing weight. This is because the low-carb eggplant, nutrient dense and low in calories. One cup eggplant contains only eight grams of carbohydrates. Eggplant is also a low fat diet, which means that a small amount of carbohydrates in eggplant does not cause a large effect on your blood sugar levels and is another key to optimize weight loss.

  • Keeping the immune system

Eggplant is also the best source of antioxidants that are beneficial to keep the body against various diseases. Vitamin C is contained in eggplant is an important part of the immune system. In addition to vitamin C, eggplant also contains manganese, a natural antioxidant and an essential mineral. With all these nutrients we can get health benefits of eggplant.

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