Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey on Skin

Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey on Skin – Cinnamon and honey are the two things which are often met in the storages of our kitchen cupboards. The question is, do you believe that what you are keeping at home is the real honey and cinnamon? Have you got the factual benefits of the real honey and cinnamon? If what you have consumed is the false one, have you got the health benefits of this?

Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey on Skin

The ways to get the real goods for health benefits of cinnamon and honey on skin

The investigation did by the researchers in 2011 chose the samples of the products labeled as “honey” purchased of the grocery store or big box chains. The parameter of the honey itself should have the pollen in it. Yet, the result told that those honeys contain of no pollen at all. As the tip, we must purchase the honey with the label that only honey is its filling. The unpasteurized honey is better. Otherwise, the way to indicate the best cinnamon is by referring the Ceylon cinnamon. Why?, this type of cinnamon has the ultra low amounts of Coumarin that causes the liver and kidney damages at the high doses.

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Both honey and cinnamon are the ingredients which are often added to the foods, snack, sauces and so forth. Within the honey, it contains of the B6, niacin, certain amino acids, and so forth. Meanwhile, the mineral’s elements met are the calcium, the copper, manganese, and etc. On the other hand, the cinnamon is the source of the iron, manganese, and also small dose of fiber. It also contains of vitamins A and K for skin, eye, and bone.

The detail of Health benefits of honey and cinnamon for skin

The benefits of those items for food cover the immune system for securing our body of any diseases, pressing the cause of diabetes, loss the weight for our performance, controlling cancer causes, avoiding itching/insect bites, escape digestion, arthritis, heart disorder, and also for skin care. Regarding with the skin care, the pimples and also the infections of the minor skin can get the treatment by applying the paste which is formed of those two food matters. The paste can be applied on the factual wounds, on the precise spot on the skin because of its characteristics as anti-inflammatory and also antioxidants features. Those can reduce the emergence of the aging and decrease the effect of the radicals on it.

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