Health Benefits of Celery and Nutritional Facts

health benefits of celery maybe will not be something which people consider when they buy celery for their kitchen supplies. Celery is used a lot in various kinds of recipe because people want to get the flavor and aroma from this green vegetable. People can use the leaves as well as the stalks for their cooking. However, recently there is kind of trend that people will consume the fresh vegetable juice for their health. Consuming fresh vegetables surely will be good for their health because the nutrients will not reduce due to the cooking process. Among various kinds of vegetables which can be used for fresh vegetable juice, celery maybe becomes pretty familiar option although it can be combined with other vegetables or fruits as well. One thing for sure, people can make mistake if they think that celery is only kind of vegetable which is used for adding flavor and aroma. There is great health benefits which can be brought by this crunchy vegetables. Consuming vegetables can boost nutrition in their body after all.

Health Benefits of Celery

Health Benefits of Celery for Weight Control and Serious Health Problem

People should not think twice to consume celery because it can be useful for promoting the weight management and it must be the biggesthealth benefits of celery which people can find. Many people are looking for the best way for controlling or reducing their weight and the answer can be found simply in the celery. Celery is low in fat, carbohydrate, and calorie. One cup chopped raw celery service contains 3 grams of carbohydrate and 16 calories. People will not be guilty when choosing celery for their snack or salad. Celery also has useful content which has link to pancreatic cancer cell destruction called flavonoids. The flavonoids content including luteloin and apigenin enhance chemotherapeutic drugs effect so the spread of cancer cell can be retarded or prevented. Some people find a great suffering of peptic ulcers caused by certain bacteria. The symptoms of this health problem can be reduced by eating celery because of the flavonoids content in celery. This content will inhibit the bacteria growth.

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Health Benefits of Celery from Nutrition Contents

Health benefits of celery can be found from the nutrition content of this vegetables. In fact, celery is rich in vitamin K. it is kind of vitamin which is soluble in fat and it will be very important in body blood flow regulation. Vitamin K is also important for blood clotting process and it will be useful for maintaining the bone health. Celery also contains of phytochemical called luteloin which is useful for reducing the brain inflammation which can be implicated in memory loss related with age and also Alzheimer’s disease. It will also improve the hippocampus function in brain which is associated with cognitive and spatial learning. Another important nutrient which can be found in celery is potassium. It is kind of mineral which will regulate the fluid amount inside and outside the cells together with sodium. Celery is high in fiber and low in calorie which must be good for various kind of diet program.

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