Health Benefits of Black Tea

Health benefits of black tea are rarely known by many people. During this time, green tea became the most widely consumed tea and black tea has not been known. Unlike green tea, black tea is obtained after the tea leaves undergo oxidation before drying. After the oxidation process is complete, the tea leaves are heated and then sorted by quality. The black color of the leaves arise from the oxidation process.

Both green tea and black tea can be used for the treatment of various diseases. Basically nutrients in tea are enough to meet the daily needs of the body. For those who do not like coffee, tea can be a beverage that will arouses your day even brighter. Of course this is also more profitable because the tea does not contain caffeine which has a bad effect to the body if consumed in the long term. Tea is much healthier because it is made from the dried leaves. Leaves still have remnants of chlorophyll that settles in it and beneficial to health. Black tea contains more caffeine than green tea, but with a lower level of coffee.
Black Tea Health Benefits

Some health benefits of black tea.

• Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Flavonoids, potent compounds were effective against the disease, especially found in black tea. Tea consumption should be familiarized because of the potential benefits in preventing common and deadly disease. Tea has been proven to reduce the level of a person with diabetes. People who eat tea are much healthier than those who rarely consume tea especially if the person has the potential of diabetes. Potential diabetes is lower because of the tea-soluble digestion.

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• Healthy Hair

Black tea is also good for your hair. You can soak black tea with henna leaves and smeared into the hair. It gives a beautiful black color on your hair. Black tea has the color of black pigment which is more than regular tea. It can be used to make hair shiny and healthy. Of course, this way is much more safe and natural because it does not use chemicals that are harmful to the scalp.

• Prevent Heart Attacks

If you are a black tea drinker, then you will have a lower risk for heart stroke if compared to non tea drinker. Antioxidants restore immune function that is not easily attacked by the deadly disease. That’s the health benefits of black tea.

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